Write for TrumpStump 2016

Do you follow Donald Trump news? Do you have an aptitude for writing? Do you want to have the opportunity to write for TrumpStump2016.com and earn a decent amount of money for your work?

Well here’s your chance.

We have been following Trump’s path to the White House since August, and it seems like every day there are more and more stories to write: about the people for Trump, the people AGAINST Trump, and how America and the world are responding to his candidacy. As 2015 turns toward 2016, there is only going to be MORE to write. Every day we have as many as 20 story ideas, and due to our small staff size, only about half of them get written.

We are a paying publisher. Every story we publish gets paid for. We pay a sliding commission for all work, and can offer you work every day if you want it. We figure Trump will be in the race at LEAST until the nominating convention in August, and PROBABLY through to November.

If this interests you, please send a cover letter explaining why you’d be a great reporter/columnist for TrumpStump2016, and any relevant experience you might have (no experience is needed, but you must be a skilled writer). Send at least one writing sample as well: spelling and grammar count here. You can email us at TrumpStump2016dotcom@gmail.com.

Help us help Make America Great Again!