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Everyone loves Trump…Except Raymond

From the latest poll from Public Polling Policy it’s clear that everyone loves Donald Trump. His polling standard in the PPP poll is up to 34%,  Trump has a 17 point lead over his nearest rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz. However, not every one in Texas is happy with the Republican frontrunner. Raymond Diaz is one of those unhappy Texans. In a recent interview, Raymond said, “He’s a great mind. He’s a great businessman, but…


Ever Want to Know Where to Go to Flee Donald Trump? Me Neither — Humor

Mapquest, always trying to figure out more ways to lose more market share to Google Maps has come out with what they call their “Avoid Trump” app. It’s a list of cities where Trump is making appearances, so conscientious liberals everywhere can avoid him (or, I suppose if you’re an enterprising Black Lives Matter activist, go see him). They have “whimsical” lists of attractions that are Trump-Free (for instance, you will not see Donald Trump…


What did Trump Say In a 1998 People Magazine Interview About Running for President? The Answer May Surprise You

A downside of living your life as large and as publicly as Donald Trump has over the years is that you leave a trail of interviews and soundbites your political enemies can use against you. You may have seen a line from an interview with Donald Trump with People Magazine in 1998 being used in an internet meme. It looks like this: There is just one problem with this quote – Trump wasn’t interviewed by…