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Where Will Sarah Palin Fit in Donald Trump’s Plans?

One year ago, the idea of Donald Trump running for office was laughed by the mainstream media. However, one of those not laughing was Sarah Palin. GOP favorite Alaskan mom, Sarah Plain, wanted Donald Trump to become president since last year.Many people are quite surprised that Palin became one of Trump’s greatest allies. However, Palin grew sick of the current GOP establishment leaving out the common man. Thus, she felt drawn to Trump’s no-nonsense approach…


Donald Trump leads by 41%

Donald Trump has hit a new high in the race for the Republican nomination. More than 4-1n-10 Republican voters want to back the Doland. Many Republicans says hes the best candidate that captures their party’s values. Trum has topped the over 40 mark for the first time. He has double the support of his nearest competitor, Ted Cruz. Plus he has left Ben Carson in the dust with his numbers. Trump’s lead shows that he…


Live in an Early Primary State? Want to HELP ELECT DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENT?

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has put up a page on his website where people who live in early primary states can sign up to volunteer and help the campaign run “get out the vote” efforts. If you live in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, or New York, go to the STATES page at, or just click your state below. Become a part of the Trump movement! Together, we can #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. Source: States |…