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Horowitz: Why Trump Will Win in November

David Horowitz writes in Breitbart today that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal — which got more scandalous this week when the FBI issued a laundry list of things she did wrong, then refused to indict for — could provide significant momentum for Donald Trump’s campaign, and ultimately help him drive a win against her in November. “The failure to indict was not an exoneration, and what the public witnessed – the secret meeting between the head…


Opinion: The Stanford Rapist’s Sentence Was Fair

Note: This isn’t Trump related, sorry. But it seems to be a pretty heavily debated topic, and if Hillary Clinton becomes the official candidate for President on the Democrat side, you can bet your bottom dollar that stories like this will play a central role in the Presidential race. Here is my take on it. (For those of you unfamiliar, a Stanford student had sex with a passed-out drunk girl outside his fraternity. Passing students…


George Will Abandons the Republican Party and Conservatism Because of Trump

There is a well-known phenomenon among nerds when their favorite thing suddenly becomes popular. Star Wars fans will cry “I loved Star Wars in the 70s and 80s, and anyone who likes the new movies isn’t a real fan.” Elitist Trekkers proclaim, “The new Star Trek has nothing to do with the old Star Trek. I pity anyone who thinks Chris Pine is as good a Kirk as Shatner ever was.” Warcraft players will bemoan when…


What Does #BlackLivesMatters Really Want? SEGREGATION

Right now, there’s a huge controversy out there, and it involves people like Justin Bieber. ‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬ thugs on the internet have been trying to force him to stop wearing dreadlocks, claiming it’s “cultural appropriation” for him to wear a hairstyle that is “traditionally black.” One woman said, “White people have so many other styles they can choose from. Black people should have styles that they can call their own, exclusively.” But here’s the shameful secret these…


Donald Trump’s Mind-Blowing Idea: Put America First

Stephen Moore writes a brilliant op-ed in Investor’s Business Daily today, stating that Donald Trump is remaking the Republican party in a way no one has since Ronald Reagan turned it into a conservative party. This time, though, according to Moore, “Trump is remaking the GOP into a populist/reform party of working class/evangelical and entrepreneurial class voters. He is completing what Ross Perot tried to build in 1992 with his Reform Party.” Moore says the…