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WOW! As we reported earlier, Donald Trump is making incredible gains in small-donor fundraising, and here’s a new way little guys like us can help support his campaign to win the presidential election in November: a contest. But not any old contest, no, this is a raffle to win a ride on Trump’s personal jumbo jet (nicknamed and hashtagged #TRUMPFORCEONE) in between one of his campaign stops. The winner gets a regular commercial flight to…


It’s ON: Watch the Republican Presidential Debate HERE

We are LIVE STREAMING the Fourth Republican Presidential Debate, RIGHT HERE on! You can watch it in its entirety AS IT HAPPENS: RIGHT HERE This should be a fantastic debate. Chris Christie is going to be mad as hell that he got knocked down to the Jr. Varsity event. We expect he will destroy the competition in the early round, which starts at 7:00 pm EST. This will be a great lead-in to the…


Win a Copy of Donald Trump’s New Book!

We’re giving away a copy of Donald Trump’s new book, Crippling America, How to Make America Great Again in a contest running through the end of this weekend, 10/11/2015. All you have to do to enter is go to the contest page and sign up, and then LIKE our Facebook page and enter your email over there on the left in the “Sign up for our newsletter” box. That’s it! We’ll announce the winner on…