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Know Your Foe: JEB BUSH

The first in a series of pieces looking at the remaining Republican candidates facing Donald Trump in the Primary election cycle.  It’s hard to imagine it today, but there was a day when Donald Trump was not the Republican front-runner. In fact, it was Jeb Bush that everyone thought would be the Republican candidate. But who is Jeb Bush? Why would people think he should be President? Is it just because his father was…


ANALYSIS: Why Trump lost Iowa

It’s been a day or so since the Iowa Caucus, and it’s time to talk honestly about what happened. Donald Trump took second place in a race he never had a chance of winning.  And this is a good thing. Christian Demographics The first and most significant is the demographic of the conservative voter in Iowa.  Most of these voters are Evangelical Christians.  These conservative voters make a lot of their political or voting decisions…


Donald Trump Defines Courage Grace and Strength

Courage, Grace, and Strength? From Donald Trump? From the “spoiled brat”? Absolutely! Now that the much over hyped Iowa Caucus is over, we can hope that all that hype will soon die down. The talking heads will continue to chew on it until the next event takes over. As is to be expected Donald Trump is the favorite subject of discussion by the talking heads and those that do not speak against Donald Trump speak in…


Let’s Make Iowa a Memory

Picking the winner two times in 50 years spells l-o-s-e-r.  And those two winners were not great Presidents-Gerald Ford and George W. Bush. Iowa has a population of about 3 million and only about 20% caucus.  150,000 voters are not going to know what is best for this country. Iowa needs to be forced to mainstream their elections and caucuses in order to play a part in the Presidential election fair and square without running…