M.N Thorne


Is Donald Trump a Member of the Illuminati?

No. Donald Trump is not a member of the Illuminati. But if he were, he sure wouldn’t let any of us know. Nevertheless, there is a crazed fringe element out there who think this — and even weirder things — about Trump and his candidacy. Ready for a laugh? Here we go. With Trump’s road to victory on track, there have been people who want to stop him from reaching the White House. Some of…


Johnny Depp playing Donald Trump

Recently, Johnny Depp is playing Donald Trump in a new “Funny or Die” short film. However, Mr. Depp’s characterized  of Donald Trump  highlights Hollywood’s obsession to both understand and demonized at Donald Trump. Since 1980s, Donald Trump was characterized as the cold and money-hungry real estate tycoon in many Hollywood films and television shows. However, Mr. Trump decided to combat these characterizations by being cast as the serious yet kind-hearted businessman trying to help other…


Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump Is Not My Friend

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton decided to address rumors about being Trump’s friend in the past. She states “We were not friends.” However, many people find it strange for Clinton to deny her past friendship with Trump. In fact, there is tons of evidence that shows that the Clintons and Trumps were at least on friendly terms before the start of this election. During the 1990s, Clinton used to entertain Trump with his then-wife,Marla Maples, during…


Why Did Heidi Cruz Praise Donald Trump?

It seems that the Ted Cruz campaign is trying to play some sort of head games with Donald Trump. Recently, Heidi Cruz praised Trump for his television show, the Apprentice. Mrs. Cruz stated, ““I’m not great at TV references, but I did like The Apprentice because it was a show that gave people a chance to have a start,” Strangely enough, Mrs. Cruz’ praise for Trump came during the Iowa caucuses while her husband was fighting Trump…


Where Will Sarah Palin Fit in Donald Trump’s Plans?

One year ago, the idea of Donald Trump running for office was laughed by the mainstream media. However, one of those not laughing was Sarah Palin. GOP favorite Alaskan mom, Sarah Plain, wanted Donald Trump to become president since last year.Many people are quite surprised that Palin became one of Trump’s greatest allies. However, Palin grew sick of the current GOP establishment leaving out the common man. Thus, she felt drawn to Trump’s no-nonsense approach…