Even Europe Understands Trump is the Answer

People in Germany and Australia went out to protest against Syrian refugees being allowed in their countries. Some of these protesters were holding “Trump is Right” signs. European culture leans liberal and many people in this part of the world are terribly misinformed about Donald Trump because their newspapers Are often as ignorant about facts as our own. Unfortunately ignorance is evident in the US too. Many people are uninformed here.  We give the left a…


Trump Gets 45.9% of Nevada Votes

Donald Trump ended up with 45.9% of the Nevada vote. Marco Rubio came in second with 23.9% and Ted Cruz third with 21.4%.  Nevada has a closed primary so one must vote the party they are registered as on the day of voting.  If it had been an open primary like we have here in Indiana, Democrats and Independents could have supported Trump regardless of their registration.  But I would venture to say that many…


New Polling Shows Trump With Increasing Leads in Upcoming States

Rasmussen and Reuters released new poll numbers yesterday and it’s looking good for Trump.  For who would you vote for if the Republican primary were held today, 36% said Trump, Rubio 21% and Cruz 17%.  This is with likely Republican voters.  This does not include Independents and Democrats who are going to switch parties to vote for Trump.  Reuters polling shows in a three way race Trump gets 46% support, Cruz 25% and Rubio 24%.…


Who Should Be First Lady — Melania Trump or Heidi Cruz?

A writer at American Spectator posed this question, asking about Heidi Cruz, wife of Senator Ted Cruz, or Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump. Cruz is intelligent, successful, and well-educated. But she’s as busy — busier, sometimes — than her husband. She worked in George W. Bush’s administration under Condaleeza Rice. She’s an executive at Goldman Sachs and got a promotion after helping Ted get a million dollar loan that wasn’t disclosed to the FEC…


Trump Ahead in Upcoming States for Super Tuesday

Trump had a huge rally in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday.  He had an exuberant crowd of folks, his first rally after his monumental win in South Carolina.  He is heading to Nevada today and polling has him double digits ahead of Cruz, Rubio, Carson, and Kasich for the Tuesday caucus. At first I thought  Kasich, Rubio and Carson should drop out because of their low polling numbers.  But actually they are all splitting second place with…