Proof That the Protestors Out Causing Havoc Are Paid Provocateurs


The media would like you to believe that regular Americans are going out every night and spontaneously rioting and protesting because they’re super mad at Donald Trump winning the Presidential election last week. The problem is, while there may be a few people out there legitimately protesting, in most of the large cities in the US where protests are happening (like New York City and Chicago) there is proof that the people out there on the streets are being paid to be there.

Wikileaks earlier in the year already exposed how George Soros and other foreign entities work to cause disruptions in American life when they don’t like how things are going. Now there’s video evidence of protesters being bussed into protest areas. Where I used to live, Portland, there are nightly riots. mostly because the city is full of anarchists, leftists, and homeless marijuana-smokers who have nothing better to do every night. Proof:


Here’s the video someone took of busloads of protesters coming in to riot.


I have one question for all these protesters from Los Angeles… Where are your American flags?


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