Ben Carson: One Downside to Trump Presidency


Ben Carson (who this blog thinks should become Donald Trump’s Surgeon General), pointed out that at least one thing will probably have to change for Donald Trump in January: He’s not going to have very much time for Twitter. “Probably not to the same degree that you’re seeing the tweets and things right now. He’s going to be too busy, quite frankly, for that,” Carson told Fox News on Friday.

 The retired neurosurgeon and Trump adviser mentioned Iraq, North Korea and the South China Sea as situations Trump would be preoccupied handling. “He’s not gonna have time, you know, to be tweeting about that,” Carson said.
According to The Hill, Trump has been known for around-the-clock tweets on a variety of topics. He fired off a handful of tweets targeting Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton early Friday morning before 6 a.m.
We asked the folks around the office if they thought Trump would tweet less now that he’s President.
One guy said, “I don’t know… President Obama played a lot of golf….”

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