Opinion: If Voters Look at the Message and Not the Messenger, Trump Will Win


The Boston Globe has a wonderful editorial from nanophysicist Mike Stopa today, which explains that if you look at the issues that Americans care deeply about, Donald Trump is on the right side of them every time. If the people Washington DC doesn’t care about “Leftover People” he calls them, then Trump will pull off the win on Tuesday.

He starts with this fact: a HUGE majority of Americans believe our nation is on the wrong track. Then he breaks down the issues causing this belief.

Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act is loathed by most people, who do not believe that the damage it has done — and the huge price increasing coming next year — was worth the increased number of people getting coverage.

Illegal Immigration. The millions of people who’ve lost jobs or seen wages stagnate due to massive influxes of immigrants want The Wall badly.

The Economy. President Obama poured a TRILLION dollars into his stimulus package, and the US has managed to limp along at only 1% growth for six years. Why? Because they’re doing something wrong.

Stopa writes, “These working-class voters have heard Trump say that he will bring mining back to coal country, whereas Clinton more highly prioritizes climate change. They have heard Trump tell Ford executives that he will slap a 35-percent tariff on cars imported from factories moved to Mexico, while Clinton prioritizes the health of the corporations (and the donations of CEOs) more than the resurrection of American industry. They have heard Trump talk “extreme vetting,” while Clinton calls for a 500 percent increase in Syrian refugees. And they know that the refugees are coming to their towns and not to Montgomery County or Westchester or Bel Air.”

He concludes by saying, “The NASCAR-loving, country music-listening, culturally conservative working class doesn’t exist just in the Rust Belt or the South. It also exists in Massachusetts. These are the people whose salaries have ebbed as the 1 percent has prospered. These are, in the late novelist Carson McCullers’s words, the “leftover people.” They know, as The New York Times recently trumpeted, that the rich this year are voting for Hillary Clinton. They know they are not. And they might just win.”

You can read his entire editorial here. 


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