Morgan: Only 1 Candidate Under FBI Investigation, and Her Name Isn’t Donald


Piers Morgan took it to Hillary Clinton today, explaining that no matter how much the media wants to portray her as the good guy, and Donald Trump as the bad guy, the facts are stunningly divergent from the message. He talked about his showdown with Trace Adkins when he and the country star were on Celebrity Apprentice with Trump. The showdown was billed as US vs UK, Good vs. Evil.

‘One of us,’ I explained, ‘is a violent alcoholic who’s been shot by an ex-wife, stabbed in bar-room knife fights, and has a criminal record for a DUI.’

I paused for effect.

‘The other…. is me…. the bad guy.’

Trump roared with laughter. He got the irony, even if viewers never got the chance to.

I was reminded of this today as I watched President Obama tear into Trump, branding him a small-brained, star-f***ing, Ku Klux Klan tolerating ‘loser’ born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Morgan is incensed that even as Michele Obama states “When they go low, we go high,” both her husband and Clinton are spewing worse and worse insults, attacks, slanders and lies about Trump. “The mantra seems to be: ‘When they go low, we plummet even lower,’” he writes, and then compares this to what happened when the Remain crowd did the same thing to English people voting for Brexit. That didn’t work either.

Morgan concludes his editorial with his personal experience with how the Clintons use their power to get favors — and money — from the people they interact with.

I’ve interviewed Bill Clinton twice, for CNN.

On both occasions, the request was only granted once I had agreed to moderate a panel for the former president at his annual Clinton Global Initiative event in aid of Clinton Foundation.

It was a strict quid-pro-quo: Bill would scratch my back if I scratched his.

He writes that this is how everything the Clintons do is handled. They trade favors and accumulate power. “When that trade involves millions of dollars raked into personal bank accounts on the back of charity donations, it stinks to high heaven,” he says.

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