“Columbia University Made Me Vote for Trump” — Ivy League Student


Benjamin Sweetwood, a graduate of Columbia, finds himself on the wrong side of the polls, as far as college-educated kids go these days. Most of them, the media say, are going to vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. But Sweetwood won’t. He can’t. He has his conscience to worry about. He has an independent, intelligent thought-pattern to defend. In short, his university taught him critical-thinking skills, and all of those skills tell him “You’ve got to vote for Trump.”

He writes, in Columbia’s Tab magazine:

“I’m voting for Trump and I couldn’t care less if that hurts your feelings

I understand that social justice warriors will call me a racist, sexist, bigot, and more. Consider me unaffected. I’m way past tired of their shit. I give you permission to hate me. I have had enough of the regressive left and this is the only reason I need to vote for Donald Trump.

On the other hand, I can’t possibly vote for a candidate like Hillary Clinton that would most likely advance the intellectually stifling PC culture of the left. I want ideas and discourse; they want riots and book burnings.”

Sweetwood explains that college culture is designed to be very liberal and leftist automatically, which is why many of them support Clinton. It taught him that he had to just voice his opinions even louder, and more forcefully, rather than surrender to groupthink. “At Columbia, I started out as a nice boy. I probably wouldn’t have supported Trump back then. But everywhere I turned with my moderate conservative opinions, I was made out to be an extremist and a bigot. Even as a member of the College Republicans I faced regressive pushback. I once held a presentation for the group on the dangers of communism and progressivism, to which the future president of the group would respond, “You know, Hitler was right-wing.” Brilliant. Often, fellow students would parse my words down to the syllables, checking for privilege and/or racism. I just wanted to get along, and they looked to divide. At every step of my educational career I was ostracized for my political views. So, I just voiced my opinions louder. Columbia gave me the willpower to stand alone in my beliefs. Now I’m honored to say: “I’m With Him.””
He points out how the two candidates handle a question about race relations.
When Lester Holt brought up the issue of race relations in America, here’s how Trump responded: “We have a situation where we have our inner cities, African-Americans, Hispanics are living in hell because it’s so dangerous. You walk down the street, you get shot.”
And Hillary’s response: “Well, I’ve heard – I’ve heard Donald say this at his rallies, and it’s really unfortunate that he paints such a dire negative picture of black communities in our country.”

This response by Hillary is extremely problematic, because rather than address the true state of things, she pleases the liberal ear and scores political points. We don’t need any more of this political hack behavior at the helm of our country. People are suffering. You might not like facts, but they are what they are: facts. I am sickened by the suffering of people in this country and in this world. It’s not right that Tyshawn Lee‘s name is unknown to the American people while a violent robber like Michael Brown is heralded as an angelic hero. Trump spoke the truth, whether you hate him or not.

There were over 500 homicides in Chicago between January 1st and September 8th of this year. Do you want to know how many were killed by cops? Six. And Chicago is just one of many cities with this kind of violence, violence that disproportionally affects the black community. I am not okay with the holocaust happening in urban black communities around the country.

Trump pointed out the reality of the situation. Hillary attacked him, because it’ll get her votes.

He points out issues that Trump and other folks on the right have been pounding out every day: In Jihadist Islamic nations, women have no rights. Gays are tortured and murdered daily. Yet Clinton won’t speak up against any of this? Her foundation takes money from the same nations funding ISIS?

“Trump seems to recognize that people in this world are suffering, rather than sweep it all under the rug and paint an attractive picture for personal political gain. Cue Trump from the third debate: “It’s a criminal enterprise. Saudi Arabia given $25 million, Qatar, all of these countries. You talk about women and women’s rights? So these are people that push gays off business, off buildings. These are people that kill women and treat women horribly and yet you take their money.” Not eloquent, but totally right,” Sweetwood asserts.

And how about the things Trump has said? Sweetwood explains that brilliantly:

Finally, yes, Trump has said a lot of things I could never imagine myself saying. Yes, Trump started off his campaign by being too general about illegal immigrant crime and he certainly overreached by supporting a temporary ban on Muslims from entering the country to stop terrorists from getting in (an idea by the way, that is in no way racist). But he has evolved on those issues and they are after all, issues that are real and worth discussing. And in any case, “Donald Trump says mean things” is not a thought that factors into my voting decision. I don’t need to like him even. I’m voting for him because I believe he will make a better President than Hillary Clinton, and by light years.

As for Trump’s notorious Access Hollywood video, I say this: Trump’s comments are at best reflective of the type of talk that goes on among men all too frequently. It is the type of speech I have heard often and have never been comfortable with, and should not be considered acceptable anywhere at any time. That said, I am not going to vote for the person who makes less bad comments, I am going to vote for the person who I think can best address the problems in the world.

Vote For Trump


Just goes to show you. Not all college kids are bad, right? Are you going to vote for Trump on Tuesday?


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