Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan went OFF on Hillary Clinton during his sermon this Sunday. He basically said “Hillary Clinton is Hitler to the black community.”

He commended Donald Trump, saying that Trump had done the impossible: he had totally dismantled the media elite’s power over the political process. According to The Daily Caller, Farrakhan noted that the Republican nominee. had been plastered across the television networks’ election coverage as a means to embarrass him, but that only resulted in free campaign advertising for the Trump campaign.

“You don’t even realize that you [the media] are no longer in power,” he stated. “Can’t you see you’ve failed?”

Then he got down to business.

“My dear brothers and sisters, this is serious,” Farrakhan told his congregation. “Her husband and Joe Biden were the authors of the crime bill that put tens of thousands of black brothers and sisters in prison.”

He explained that Clinton had always been negative toward the black community.  “Mrs. Clinton backed the crime bill and then called our young people super predators. Of course she apologized, but just a minute. See Hitler could’ve said to the Jews after Auschwitz, ‘I’m so sorry.’ Would that be enough to satisfy you?”

“Look at this award that she got,” he continued. “In 2009 Hillary Clinton received the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood. It was Mrs. Sanger who advocated population control of black and poor people.”

“In a 1939 letter, Sanger wrote about getting the black preachers to help with her efforts. She said, ‘we don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.’ … And when Mrs. Clinton received the award, [she said] I admire Margaret Sanger enormously. Her courage. Her tenacity. Her vision.’ Now they have to admit that the war on drugs was a war on black people.”

HITLER! For MONTHS now, everyone has been calling Trump Hitler, but here, for the first time, a leader in the black community calls it like he sees it. Clinton said “sorry” after blasting blacks. How would Jews have reacted if Hitler had said “sorry” after trying to exterminate them? As far as Farrakhan is concerned, the two actions are one and the same.

How do you see it?

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