WATCH: Hillary Clinton Needs Help To Climb ONE Step


Is this who we want as our next President of the United States? A feeble senior citizen who can’t even climb a single step without aid? For Pete’s sake. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was crippled and he’d be damned before he let the American public see him have a moment of weakness. We need a President with stamina, energy, strength, and the ability to overcome all obstacles: even simple ones like stairs. Yet today, you can see Hillary Clinton needs help climbing a single step. Just watch for yourself, and then let me know if I’m being too hard on the old crone for this.

In comparison, this is the guy we want to be presdent: Donald J. Trump! When protesters tried to block him from getting to a rally, he and the Secret Service forced their way past barricades to get in… including jumping down an embankment, which Trump did unassisted. That’s how you lead with strength. That’s how you lead by example. Improvise, overcome, adapt. Three things Hillary Clinton would NEVER want the American people to do. Otherwise it might be harder for her to destroy us.

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