Here it is! The first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton!  Refresh this page to get live, running commentary as the debate goes down. We will start broadcasting at 9:00 EST, and commercial-free for the next 90 minutes. Who will win? Who will lose? Leave your comments below and let’s party! GO TRUMP!



UPDATES BELOW: (Newest updates on top)

9:55 EST: Clinton thinks that systemic racism in the justice system is the biggest racial problem going on right now.Trump says we need law and order. This is a pretty boring debate. I’m going to go eat pizza rolls. Trump wins. Plain and simple.

9:36 EST: Clinton and Trump fighting over taxes. Clinton trying to pin Trump’s tax returns as being awful. Trump saying that Clinton’s willful deleting of emails on her personal email server was not a mistake — it was criminal.

9:21 EST: Trump and Clinton going blow for blow. Clinton trying to be smarmy. Trump going off like a pit-bull

9:07 EST: Clinton wants free college, free child care, higher minimum wage, and sounds like my mom whenever I blew money at the arcade in the 80s. She says “Donald it’s good to be here with you.” I think she means “I could NEVER have gotten these ratings without you.” Trump goes straight to the heart of his platform: Jobs are leaving the US, and we need to fix that. Forget free childcare… let’s get JOBS.

9:03 EST: Lester Holt is reading the rules. There are three major topic areas, and six questions each. Here comes Clinton and Trump!


8:30 EST: The election is 30 minutes away. We’ve got brats on the grill and pizza rolls in the oven. Pull up a chair!!



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  1. Folks, please realize the importance of this. FBI Director James Comey is politicizing her email scandal and we CANNOT let him get away with it!!!

    We MUST get out and vote on November 8th for DONALD J. TRUMP!
    Caution;Peopel Hillary is criminal.With of fackt.Hillary Clinton is evil. She has lied her entire life.
    .Get out and vote……..
    Vote for Trump , Vote for a new Future.
    Jesus is our savior, But That I believe God is working through Donald Trump Our country to rescue.


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