TRUMP BUMP: Trump Takes Lead Nationally


CNN reports today that Donald Trump’s performance at the Republican National Convention (where his speech had a whopping 75% approval rate among people who watched it!) gave him a big bump in the polls, and in fact, he now LEADS Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race. According to their poll, “Trump comes out of his convention ahead of Clinton in the race for the White House, topping her 44% to 39% in a four-way matchup including Gary Johnson (9%) and Jill Stein (3%) and by three points in a two-way head-to-head, 48% to 45%. Of the four national polls that came out Monday morning, Trump leads in three of them.

CNN adds, “The new findings mark Trump’s best showing in a CNN/ORC Poll against Clinton since September 2015. Trump’s new edge rests largely on increased support among independents, 43% of whom said that Trump’s convention in Cleveland left them more likely to back him, while 41% were dissuaded. Pre-convention, independents split 34% Clinton to 31% Trump, with sizable numbers behind Johnson (22%) and Stein (10%). Now, 46% say they back Trump, 28% Clinton, 15% Johnson and 4% Stein.”

The findings were enough to make statistical analysis site (which was straight-out wrong about Trump from the start, but has been trying to improve their methodology on him) give Trump a significantly better chance of winning.


According to FiveThirtyEight, as it stands right now, Trump should get about 260 electoral votes, and Clinton about 276, giving her a very narrow edge for the win. It would only take one or two “swing” states shifting toward Trump to completely upend the election, and put the Democrat party into total panic.

There’s trouble brewing for the Clinton camp, though. These polls come before the revelation that the Democratic National Committee had actively colluded to destroy any chance Bernie Sanders had of winning the candidacy during the Democrat primaries. Recent findings showed that the DNC paid for thugs to protest Trump, and that they actively worked with the media to destroy Sanders’ campaign. Add to that the continued resentment many Americans feel toward Clinton’s disregard for national security and information transparency with her email server situation, and it may be that Trump’s numbers just keep climbing.

What do you think? Will Trump’s poll numbers keep improving? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I feel sooooo proud of this man, Donald Trump. He may not be able to accomplish all that he has proposed, but I am sure he will try his hardest. His pick for VP, I feel was a good choice. So, pray your hardest for their safety as they travel around America. He has found the heart of those who have had no voice in many years. Coincidence? I think not. There is a higher power working here, so God bless America and Trump/Pence.


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