Here He Is: Mr. America!


Tonight is Donald Trump’s big night to shine. He is going to accept the official nomination as the Republican candidate for President. He’s going to give (as he would say) YUGE speech, and then the balloons — millions of them! — are going to come down and the race to be the first knock on the White House door in November will be ON. Tonight’s the last night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and it promises to be a big one. After all the shenanigans of the last three days, how could it not? Trump brings attention and scrutiny like no other candidate in the history of the United States. Guaranteed this is what all the news and websites will be talking about until Hillary Clinton and the DNC have their big convention next week.

We are covering the convention LIVE! You can watch it right here:

Later, after Trump has a chance to make his big speech, we’ll broadcast a video of his speech as well.

Look at all the things that have happened so far:

On the first night, Melania Trump got attacked by leftists and the media because she borrowed a few lines from Michelle Obama’s first speech.  The NeverTrump crowd was silenced once and for all. Protesters in the streets were dismayed to find out that not nearly as many people came to their rallies as they were hoping for.

On the second night, Trump and his running mate Mike Pence were official confirmed as the party’s nominees.

On the third night, Laura Ingraham spoke and tore the roof off the place. Then Ted Cruz spoke and proved his snakelike disloyalty and treachery. Then Mike Pence spoke and proved he’s going to be a great Vice President.

Tonight? Who knows what will happen?! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!



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