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TRUMP BUMP: Trump Takes Lead Nationally

CNN reports today that Donald Trump’s performance at the Republican National Convention (where his speech had a whopping 75% approval rate among people who watched it!) gave him a big bump in the polls, and in fact, he now LEADS Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race. According to their poll, “Trump comes out of his convention ahead of Clinton in the race for the White House, topping her 44% to 39% in a four-way matchup…


Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump

I am your typical Republican. I grew up idolizing Michael J. Fox’s money-loving Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties every Tuesday night. I came of age watching Ronald Reagan stick it to the Ayatollah, then Moammar Qaddafi, then Daniel Noriega, with the ultimate climax of seeing the Berlin Wall fall. I got a good — then great! — paying job in the booming tech industry. In the 80s and 90s, there were two kinds of…


Donald Trump Accepts the Republican Nomination: WATCH His Inspiring Speech!

This was the moment America has been waiting for! After a brilliant, powerful introduction by his daugher, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump came onstage at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio last night and started church! This was a powerful, exemplary speech that explained exactly what was wrong with America, and why he was the best person to put in the White House to fix it. One of the biggest problems, according to Trump, is Hillary Clinton,…


Here He Is: Mr. America!

Tonight is Donald Trump’s big night to shine. He is going to accept the official nomination as the Republican candidate for President. He’s going to give (as he would say) YUGE speech, and then the balloons — millions of them! — are going to come down and the race to be the first knock on the White House door in November will be ON. Tonight’s the last night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland,…


THIS is your Vice President! Mike Pence FTW!

(In case you’re not a long-time gamer like me, FTW is a little slang meaning “for the win.” It’s a way of indicating just how a team managed to beat the other team. Often it’s used sarcastically, so today you could actually say “Ted Cruz Addresses the GOP Like a Spoiled Losing Brat FTW” too.) Well, today we can also say it about our next Vice President, Mike Pence: FTW! Last night he officially accepted…