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Breaking Down the Upcoming Attack Ad Strategies

Boston Globe journalist Joshua Green told Breitbart News Daily today that there was a HUGE difference in how the primaries broke down this year between Republicans and Democrats. According to Green, Republicans spent $62 million dollars in attack ads — almost all of that spent against Donald Trump — while a shocking ZERO dollars was spent in attack ads against Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side. This is a big difference between how it was…


Guess What, Media? Latino Support For Trump is RISING!

Boy, the Democrats, Media, and (apparently) Republican Party sure don’t want to hear this. Fresh off of Paul Ryan saying the stupidest thing on the planet (that saying a person’s ethnicity could influence their decisions on the judicial bench is the definition of racism), comes news that Americans of Latino descent are just as upset at illegal immigration as any other Americans. As a result, they’re starting to warm to Donald Trump as their Presidential candidate.…


Donald Trump CRUSHES Republican Primary Vote Count Records

Not only did Donald Trump win an improbable victory against a crowded field of Republican elites to win the coveted Republican Presidential nomination, but he motivated so many people to vote for him, that in the process of winning, he shattered the vote count records doing it. Even with 16 other people getting votes in the race, and Ted Cruz and John Kasich staying in the race (and winning huge states like Texas and Ohio),…


WATCH Trump’s Victory Speech In NYC Last Night

The Primaries are, finally, officially over. Even though Donald Trump beat the last of his 16 competitors for the Republican nomination a few weeks ago, to become the presumptive nominee for President, there were still several states who hadn’t had the opportunity to vote. Yesterday was the last day of voting for them, with New Jersey, California, and a handful of other states hammering the final nails into Trump’s improbable, impossible, incredible campaign. Win or…


Opinion: The Stanford Rapist’s Sentence Was Fair

Note: This isn’t Trump related, sorry. But it seems to be a pretty heavily debated topic, and if Hillary Clinton becomes the official candidate for President on the Democrat side, you can bet your bottom dollar that stories like this will play a central role in the Presidential race. Here is my take on it. (For those of you unfamiliar, a Stanford student had sex with a passed-out drunk girl outside his fraternity. Passing students…