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Donald Trump To Meet With Paul Ryan Today

With Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell jumping aboard the Trump Train, the key holdout in Congress for Republicans falling in line behind Donald Trump’s campaign is Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. To help smooth out differences between Ryan, who ran for Vice President with Mitt Romney in 2012, and Trump, the two will meet today for a summit that will help reshape and direct the Republican party as they head toward the 2016 Presidential…


Trump Wins in Nebraska And West Virginia! (Duh?)

It’s all over but the counting. Donald Trump crushed in West Virginia, winning over 75% of the vote. He won by a majority in Nebraska as well, with more than 60% of the vote. Of course, he doesn’t have any real competition since Ted Cruz and John Kasich exited the Republican presidential candidate race last week.Their names were still on the ballot, though, and Cruz had floated rumors that if he won in Nebraska he’d consider…


Tonight: Nebraska and West Virginia

Even though Donald Trump has no more competitors, there are still a handful of primary elections remaining, and two of them are just now concluding. West Virginia, which always heavily favored Trump, and Nebraska are both on the block tonight. It will be interesting to see how Nebraska votes: former competitors Ted Cruz and John Kasich are still on the ballots. Could Cruz win a state without competing for it? We think not. We’ll cover…


Endorsements Start Rolling in For Trump

In the past few days, Donald Trump has started lining up the big names that previously have been holding out for someone they hoped they could buy. Now that Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President, he represents their best chance to get the things they want — even if it’s through negotiation and compromise, instead of just buying votes. There are a notable group of men who will not endorse Trump yet, but…


Paul Ryan Will Not Endorse Trump, Because His Policies Match Hillary’s

Paul Ryan is the Republican Speaker of the House. Four years ago, he was the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States. And Ryan has a problem with Donald Trump. He won’t endorse Trump because he claims Trump’s policies aren’t in line with the platform the Republican party has set for itself. But he has an even bigger problem: the policies set forth by Ryan and the Republican party aren’t in line with…