Watch Donald Trump and Chris Christie Conquer New Jersey


Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Governor Chris Christie were in Lawrenceville, New Jersey tonight, raising money to pay off Christie’s debts incurred in his run for President. The event was recorded LIVE (have you ever seen any of Hillary’s closed-door fundraisers?) — so you can watch it right here:



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  1. Tina Bevington

    Good job in explaining that Trump and the SS issues are separate. Too many people are listening to Hillary and/or the current presidential administration who both have proven to me they say rhetoric to the public to confuse them. Trump has a plan and it isn’t to just use executive orders Willy-Nilly like Obama not only has done, but has bragged about his ability to bypass legislation on stuff he wants to ram down our throats…Tony’s Take. Thanks.

  2. NO, I am on SSD I worked 37 years paid into it came home one Tuesday, and got beaten so badly my mom didn’t know who I was. They say the raise depends entirely on the cost of living. If it has not gone up NO raise, if it goes up a raise. I personaly think its bull, because I go to the grocery store and the same items I paid a dollar less for last year to me that is a sin, and it is a raise in the cost of eating part of the cost of living or am I wrong?

  3. Yes – it’s wonderful …but I have not heard our next president say anything about Seniors that are living completely on SS and have not had a cost of living raise for 2 yrs… it’s very difficult when you didn’t ‘plan ‘on living such a healthy life for soo long.. WHAT DO YOU THINK, MR. PRESIDENT – TO – BE –
    WE ALL UNDERSTAND THAT THE ELITISTS WOULD LIKE US TO JUST DIE OFF – and we understand they and Obama have a plan for “doing away with us ” if we keep on living ….. Would you talk about this some time soon ?

    • Mr. Trump has said many times what his position on Social Security is. What you want to know is how big of a raise you are going to get, unless I’m mistaken.

      May I suggest you call your Congressman and your Senator. How much more money you are going to get depends on legislation, not executive orders. I can start collecting tomorrow and I won’t waste Mr. Trump’s time with this question. I’m calling my representatives who will actually be in charge of doing something.

      I hope your representatives are not democrats. They are giving away your raises to illegals.


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