Trump Wins Oregon Primary


I live in Oregon,so that’s a good thing!

Donald Trump won in Oregon last night, with 66.8% of the vote, adding another 17 delegates to his total count. Ted Cruz and John Kasich, still on the ballot, received 3 delegates each, with about 16% of the vote each.

Trump now has 1160 delegates. He will need 77 more to win the nomination outright.

And in case you missed it, THIS is the stump speech Trump gave in Oregon last week. He BLASTED both Bill and Hillary Clinton, and showed how he will take the fight to her if she becomes the Democrat candidate in the general election.


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  1. The news media is crying crocodile tears. They hate it when the people have their way and they win.

  2. Let the victories keep on rolling in. But the really big one will be in November when Trump trounces Hillary or Bernie.

  3. 77 Delegates to go!

    ‪#‎Trump has won 30 states, which is 68.2% of the 44 completed primary/caucuses!! Wow! 1/3 of these were by more than 50% of the vote!! There are ONLY 6 more states to go!!!
    Mr. Trump still needs 77 delegates to win and there are 327 remaining, with New Jersey, S. Dakota & Montana being ‘Winner take all” states @ 107 of those 327 remaining delegates. California, at 172 delegates, would make it a VERY important state!!! Come on Trumpinators, we’re almost there!!! LET’S DO THIS!!

    Alabama 43.4%
    Arizona 47.1%
    Arkansas 32.8%
    Connecticut 57.9%
    Delaware 60.8%
    Florida 45.7%
    Georgia 38.8%
    Hawaii 43.4%
    Illinois 38.8%
    Indiana 53.3%
    Kentucky 35.9%
    Louisiana 41.4%
    Maryland 54.4%
    Massachusetts 49.3%
    Michigan 36.5%
    Mississippi 47.3%
    Missouri 40.9%
    Nebraska 61.4%
    Nevada 45.9%
    New Hampshire 35.3%
    New York 60.4%
    N. Carolina 40.2%
    Oregon 66.8%
    Pennsylvania 56.7%
    Rhode Island 63.8%
    S. Carolina 32.5%
    Tennessee 38.9%
    Vermont 32.7%
    Virginia 34.7%
    W. Virginia 77%

  4. Crooked Hillary is going down. The polls showing #Trump and Old Hilly neck and neck are incorrect. Trump will beat her like a drum. This is going to be fun to watch. Get ready to Make America Great Again!


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