WATCH What Happens When the Trump Train Runs Over Ted Cruz


Have you seen this yet? This crazy, hilarious, AWESOME video that came out yesterday?



The best part of this video isn’t Ted Cruz getting absolutely humiliated by the Donald Trump supporters he tried to engage in Marion, Indiana this week. The best part isn’t how quick-witted Trump’s supporters are, and how quickly they devastate Cruz’s talking points. No. The absolute best part of this video is MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and his friends reacting after the video plays. You simply do not see this happen on national television very often, if ever. WATCH:

Folks, you just saw respected journalists laughing their heads off at a man who, before today, had a chance to be President of the United States, on national TV. Cruz tried desperately to come across as the better man here, but he went there to change minds, and just ended up being the butt of a joke so funny even the neutral commentators reporting it couldn’t keep a straight face. That’s not where you want to be in the closing stretch of a campaign race.

Just ask the guy who everyone was laughing at 10 months ago. That guy knows when it’s ok to be laughed at, and when it’s time to put on your “I came to win” face. That guy knows how to win a Presidential campaign. That guy’s name… is Trump.



For folks who can’t open the Twitter video above, here’s a Youtube look at the showdown (it just doesn’t have Scarborough and friends’ responses):


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  1. Confronting his opposition like that was unprofessional. It is obvious what would happen and it did. Also your coverage of the campaign has been, and remains excellent!

  2. I’m a Trump supporter but I gotta say Cruz handled himself pretty well with the guy in the video. I don’t see how this video makes Cruz look bad…

  3. Once you take Cruz off his memorized talking points, he becomes a blithering idiot, unable to answer questions.

    • Joe, I’ve added another video source for the confrontation. It doesn’t include Scarborough and friends laughing at the end, but you can see just how poorly Cruz did in it.


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