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Watch Donald Trump and Chris Christie Conquer New Jersey

Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Governor Chris Christie were in Lawrenceville, New Jersey tonight, raising money to pay off Christie’s debts incurred in his run for President. The event was recorded LIVE (have you ever seen any of Hillary’s closed-door fundraisers?) — so you can watch it right here:


Trump Says Bill Clinton is a Rapist

Editorial aside: I am a huge fan of Bill Cosby. In recent years, the beloved comedian and outspoken advocate for improvements in black education has been under massive attack for supposedly raping women in his past. Most of them say they were enamored with his prestige and power, and somehow allowed him to rape them and never tell anyone until today. It’s been widely known that President Bill Clinton got lots of sex from women…


RNC Boosts Donald Trump: Sets Up Fundraising PACs

The Republican party and Donald Trump are finally aligning, with Trump in the lead.  According to ABC, Late Tuesday, the Republican National Committee and Trump made an announcement that they would establish two joint fundraising committees. Trump Victory will be a joint fundraising committee between the RNC, Trump and the State Republican parties in Arkansas, Connecticut, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming. An individual can donate a maximum…


Trump Wins Oregon Primary

I live in Oregon,so that’s a good thing! Donald Trump won in Oregon last night, with 66.8% of the vote, adding another 17 delegates to his total count. Ted Cruz and John Kasich, still on the ballot, received 3 delegates each, with about 16% of the vote each. Trump now has 1160 delegates. He will need 77 more to win the nomination outright. And in case you missed it, THIS is the stump speech Trump…


Trump and Ryan Find Common Ground: BEAT HILLARY

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan met today to hash out their differences and make peace with each other after contentious statements that left them on opposite sides of an intraparty feud that erupted during the last stages of the primary race between Trump and Ted Cruz. After spending time together, and Trump meeting with other Congressional leaders, they issued a joint statement that didn’t end with Ryan endorsing…