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Cheeseheads Choose Cruz

How much does it cost to buy a vote in Wisconsin? Ted Cruz and the Anti-Trump establishment elitists in the GOP spent $3,500,000 in Wisconsin to put Cruz on top of the election here last night. For each of the 527,000 votes Cruz received, he and his big-money accomplices spent $6.50. In contrast, Donald Trump, who received 383,000 votes, spent just $512,000, or $1.33 a vote. Apparently, being outspent more than 5-to-1 made the difference in…


Break Time’s Over: Trump and Cruz Battle in Wisconsin

After the slew of primary elections in March, the two weeks between today’s showdown in Wisconsin must have seemed like the entire Republican campaigns slipped into slow motion for some (it probably didn’t help that our site took a week off for Spring Break. Surprise! We’re back!). Still, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (and probably John Kasich maybe, nobody really knows) are set to vie for another chunk of delegates in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison,…