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In a huge show of support for the nation’s leading Republican candidate for President, Donald Trump’s poll numbers rose to 50% this week, the highest they have ever been at a national level, and higher than the combined ratings of all of his competitors combined. The NBC News/Survey Monkey poll showed Trump rising four points this week, continuing a steady climb he’s been seeing all year – on January 1, he was just at 35%. Chief…


LANDSLIDE: Trump Crushes Cruz in New York

Not even close. Donald Trump picked up a HUGE 63% of New York’s Republican vote today, utterly dominating the field of Republican candidates. Chief rival Ted Cruz lost by a more than 4-to-1 ratio, gaining only 14% of the vote today. His other rival, Ohio Governor John Kasich took second, with 22% of the vote.  It was a very contentious day in the state: the Board of Elections has come under serious scrutiny for what…


Battleground: New York

Today’s the day! For the first time in two weeks, Americans (specifically New Yorkers) head to the polls to select who they want their state to vote for at their partys’ nomination conventions. For Democrats, the choices are Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. For Republicans, though, it comes down to local-boy-gone-good Donald Trump, conniving weasel and alleged Senator Ted Cruz, and old Uncle John Kasich, the kindly geriatric Governor of Ohio. The stakes are high:…


Giuliani Endorses Trump, So Does Most of New York’s Republicans

We’re about ten days away from the biggest election in April: New York’s Republican primary election. With 95 delegates in play, New York’s bounty is almost as rich as all five of the states voting at the end of the month (Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island) combined. And second place contender Ted Cruz has been having trouble getting much traction at all from a state he’s ridiculed in the past, against the front runner,…


What Does #BlackLivesMatters Really Want? SEGREGATION

Right now, there’s a huge controversy out there, and it involves people like Justin Bieber. ‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬ thugs on the internet have been trying to force him to stop wearing dreadlocks, claiming it’s “cultural appropriation” for him to wear a hairstyle that is “traditionally black.” One woman said, “White people have so many other styles they can choose from. Black people should have styles that they can call their own, exclusively.” But here’s the shameful secret these…