Trump Wins BIG in New England


Early reports show Donald Trump winning in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island. We are still awaiting Delaware’s counts. In every state that’s reported numbers so far, John Kasich has a strong second-place finish coming: he’s only got half of Trump’s votes, but that’s a far sight better than anything Ted Cruz has. For instance, at press time, only 80 people have voted for Cruz in Rhode Island.

That doesn’t matter to Cruz though. He has decided to abandon trying to win the Republican nomination through traditional methods like winning the hearts and minds of Republican voters. His path relies on using the GOP and complicated nomination rules to steal a win from Trump. In Pennsylvania, for instance, the GOP requires voters to elect delegates for the vast majority of their 71 delegate seats. However, they don’t place the name of the Presidential candidate that any of the delegates support. So all Cruz needs to do to win in Pennsylvania is make sure he’s got more of his own people running for a delegate position than any other candidate. Then it doesn’t matter how many people actually vote for him.

Kasich, on the other hand, is making a strong case for a Vice President slot for either Trump or Cruz with his slow, solid leadership style, and by avoiding the crazy antics that the frontrunners have employed this entire campaign.

With 172 delegates up for grabs tonight, here’s how they currently look like they’ll go down:


17 for Trump, 54 for God-knows-who-but-probably-that-weasel-Ted-Cruz.


Trump is poised to take all of Maryland’s 38 delegates, his biggest win of the night.


At least 18 of Connecticut’s 28 delegates will go to Trump. He and Kasich will likely split the rest.

Rhode Island:

Trump will likely take at least 13 of Rhode Island’s 19 delegates. Kasich will probably take whatever Trump doesn’t.


Trump is expected to get all of Delaware’s 16 delegates.

If these numbers stay close, we’re looking at Trump gathering at least 112 delegates tonight, pushing him close to about 950 delegates or so. He’ll need about 300 more in the remaining contests to reach the elusive 1237 that he needs: or just under 50% of the remaining delegates available.

In other words: Trump is right on track to derail all of the GOP’s plans, by winning the nomination outright.

It has been a good, good night for Donald Trump.



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