Battleground: New England


Donald Trump cruises into today’s primary elections with momentum, favorable polls, and the swagger of a man who knows he’s on track to become the Republican candidate for President of the United States. With five states voting today, this is the biggest block of states that will vote together until primary season ends with a massive blowout of votes in June. Polls suggest Trump will sweep today, and for his challengers, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, the question isn’t “how do I win?” It’s “How do I keep Trump from crushing me?”

For Ted Cruz, that means focusing his smarmy weasel egg-sucking thievery methods on Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has a huge 71 delegates, but voters only get to pick who 17 of them vote for. The others are men and women who get to vote for whichever candidate bribes them the most with. That means even when Trump wins today (he will), Cruz and his underhanded crony network will score the most delegates here.

Maryland has the highest number of delegates up for grabs today that voters actually have sway over, 38, making the small state a big target. Gravis had the most recent poll here, and their results show Trump with a true majority: 53%. Cruz and Kasich split the remainder evenly, 22% and 24% prospectively.  It won’t matter who gets second, though. This is a winner-take-all state.


Connecticut has 28 delegates, and they too are in the tank for Trump. PPP has Trump with a whopping 34 point lead over Kasich, again with a pure majority of voters (59%) supporting him. Kasich has 25% and should take second, given Cruz has a paltry 13%. This is very bad news for Cruz, since Connecticut is a winner-take-most state.

Rhode Island’s 19 delegates also will be headed Trump’s way, most likely. Trump has a huge lead with 61% support, compared to Kasich’s 23% and Cruz’s 13%. It’s a proportional state, though, so Kasich and Cruz will pick up at least a few delegates here.

Finally, tiny Delaware gets to give all its 16 delegates to the winner of their election.That promises to be Trump, who has the biggest lead of all the states voting today here.

Today will be a HUGE day for Trump and his supporters. If he wins all five states, he will have won a majority of all American states, have nearly 1000 pledged delegates, and firmly kicked the tar (again) out of his two opponents. With the majority of Republican voters now supporting Trump in national polls, today’s votes can only help solidify and consolidate the GOP around his campaign.

What do you think? How will today’s five states vote? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Is there any way to tell how Mr. Trump did with the elected delegates in PA? Some are pledged to vote for #Trump. That number can make or break this election!

  2. All , of both sides of the “spectacle”, are so used to telling us what ever they want us to believe – and expect us to believe it – …. that they are shocked (~!) to see us questioning them at all … Evil is evil no matter where you find it and Hillary is leading the pack …She has never had anyone say ‘no’ to her and that goes for the rest of them no matter Reb. or Dem. …Trump must win …he is the only one that has ever defied both sides at the same time and he has put his very life in danger – and the life of his family – because we all know they will stop at nothing …the Clinton ‘death ‘ list just came out again a few days ago and I remember most…it’s a scary history going back to before they became “famous” …….you just don’t get in their way without consequences…..TRUMP IS OUR ONLY HOPE – but we have a whole summer to get thru and Obama has a lot planned …… there any way to escape this madness and have a real election process before our lives at thrown into chaos? there are so many ‘doubters’ …..

  3. Donald Trump our next president. Louisiana supports and he won our state over 3k votes.. cruz tried to steal from the others.. thieves don’t win. Our honest great American will win.. DT best president in history..

  4. TRUMP 2016….I want to see the 2 stooges grovel and gasp…. hopefully to breath the last of the republican party and TRUMP to take them all. <3 Lovin the TRUMP TRAIN!!! Headed to the White House.


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