Break Time’s Over: Trump and Cruz Battle in Wisconsin


After the slew of primary elections in March, the two weeks between today’s showdown in Wisconsin must have seemed like the entire Republican campaigns slipped into slow motion for some (it probably didn’t help that our site took a week off for Spring Break. Surprise! We’re back!). Still, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (and probably John Kasich maybe, nobody really knows) are set to vie for another chunk of delegates in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Shawano, and all across Wisconsin today. Most of the people in the state probably expected to be voting for one of their own today: Governor Scott Walker was briefly in the Presidential race early in the cycle. Now it’s down to three, with Trump holding a commanding lead, and Cruz desperate for the 42 delegates he can get if he wins here.

Polls show Cruz with a small but tenuous lead. Most give him a 3-4 point lead, while the most recent to come out give Trump a big double-digit lead. In that poll, run by American Research Group, Trump wins in all demographic categories except sex. Women prefer Cruz over Trump. Men support Trump with a whopping 57%, compared to just 43% of women who support Cruz.

Statistical analysis site give Cruz the odds for winning in Wisconsin at 89%, meaning they believe it would require a minor miracle for Trump to pull off a win today. This would put a damper in Trump’s plans to consolidate remaining states under his banner and get to the magical 1237 delegates he needs to avoid the GOP stealing his nomination away at the Republican convention in August.

Nationally, Trump has 737 delegates, compared to Cruz’s 475. Kasich has a token number of delegates with 143. Surprisingly, Marco Rubio is refusing to let go of his delegates (he won in Puerto Rico and probably somewhere else, too), because he has joined the GOP’s efforts to thwart Trump by any means necessary. Denying Trump the majority of delegates in Wisconsin is a big step, because there’s only a little more than a dozen states left to vote, and each delegate from here on out is crucial. The map of how each state has voted so far is here.

Map of US 4-5-2016

After today, the candidates turn to delegate-rich New York, Donald Trump’s hometown, where he’s expected to blow Cruz out of the water in two weeks. Then five more states in the Northeast vote after that. How Cruz does today could help set the momentum for the month ahead, and determine for certain whether Trump can win the nomination outright or head into the murky waters of a contested convention, where smarmy slimeball sharks like Cruz feel most at home, slithering around the refuse with all the other bottom feeders that are the Republican establishment.


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  1. Yes you were missed David. You all do realize the GOP establishment is trying to steal this from Trump and I’m getting real pissed. The only way I would ever consider voting for the nominee is if Trump loses is if someone won it fair and square. Looks like that won’t be happening.

  2. If the convention is contested and Trump is not nominated in spite of having the most votes and the most delegates I’ll not vote for another Republican in my lifetime! I was listening to a discussion of how delegates can be bribed at the convention if the convention is open.
    I think the delegate system is a complex method for the political party to have an “out” to select the nominee to be who they prefer! Each day my eyes are opened more widely to the corruption of our political process which we believed was democratic. What a farce!
    I am tired of the media talking about how “stupid” ( inferred by media) Trump is and what a bad week Trump has had. I am tired of the media inferring that Trump’s supporters are “uneducated” !
    I am tired of the media implying that women do not like or support Trump!
    Can you tell I have had it with the media….including ALL the networks which try to influence the people to achieve the result they desire! I will not vote for Cruz. The “info” on him will come out! Did you hear/read
    how Cruz had played dirty concerning Kasich ?
    I do not intend to vote for a candidate who has not participated in the primaries!

  3. Anna Frank — I can never get the Trump ‘anything ‘ ….used to be once in a while – now it’s everyday – sometimes not at all and sometimes eventually …I asked Tony I think someone is ‘messing’ with all of Trumps news … It doesn’t happen with anyone else’s news reports…

  4. Why is it that I keep missing the things you have posted about the Trumps? Could it be that I don’t watch TV? Or was it somewhere else? Congrats, Carol Ellingson on being selected a delegate for Donald Trump.
    God bless America and Donald Trump. I’m praying for his huge win in WI. I have family there, and they better vote for him!

  5. Carol & Hilding Ellingson

    YES, We forgot to mention we thought Melania did a wonderful job last night and so did our future president MR, DONALD J. TRUMP!!

  6. Yes, #TheDavid you were for sure missed!!! Keep us posted, we have had to dig to get information as to how THE TRUMP is doing, so much mud slaying going on, it’s really sad. So glad to see Melania in there with Trump today, hopefully this will turn the vote all towards Trump!!

    • Carol & Hilding Ellingson

      YES!!! We missed you too. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP ALL THE WAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE!! We are in Washington state and I just received my call to the convention in our county as a delegate. I will vote for TRUMP!! My name has been put in as a delegate to the state convention also. Hope I get to go. I’m working on getting someone to help watch my husband so I can go and VOTE FOR TRUMP!!


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