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Trump: More Votes Than Romney, On Track To Beat W

At this point in the primary election cycle, Donald Trump has amassed more votes for him than Mitt Romney gathered in all of 2012. With 10.1 million so far, he needs only 700,000 more to beat the record set by George W. Bush in 2000. With California looming, this seems to be a gimme. At the end of June, Trump looks to have gotten more Republican primary votes than any other candidate in history. Why…


WATCH: Basketball Legend Bobby Knight Endorses Trump

Donald Trump held a HUGE rally in Indianapolis, Indiana last night, in heart of Hoosier country. In addition to Trump himself, the rally had an additional bonus for the fans there: former Indiana basketball coaching legend Bobby Knight was there to endorse Trump. During the speech, Trump talked about the foreign policy speech he had made earlier in the day, and he mocked Ted Cruz for being the first person mathematically eliminated from a presidential…


WATCH Donald Trump’s VICTORY Speech NOW!

Note: Video for this event is no longer available.Sorry, folks! Donald Trump swept all five states voting in New England tonight, destroying John Kasich and Ted Cruz with HUGE victories in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware and Connecticut (we covered the win here). Now you can watch his victory speech, from Trump Tower in New York City RIGHT HERE. What did you think? Was that Presidential enough for you? Is Trump going to…


Trump Wins BIG in New England

Early reports show Donald Trump winning in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island. We are still awaiting Delaware’s counts. In every state that’s reported numbers so far, John Kasich has a strong second-place finish coming: he’s only got half of Trump’s votes, but that’s a far sight better than anything Ted Cruz has. For instance, at press time, only 80 people have voted for Cruz in Rhode Island. That doesn’t matter to Cruz though. He…


Battleground: New England

Donald Trump cruises into today’s primary elections with momentum, favorable polls, and the swagger of a man who knows he’s on track to become the Republican candidate for President of the United States. With five states voting today, this is the biggest block of states that will vote together until primary season ends with a massive blowout of votes in June. Polls suggest Trump will sweep today, and for his challengers, Ted Cruz and John…