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WATCH! That Time a Black Trump Supporter Beat The Crap Out of a Racist Anti-Trump Protester

The leftist thugs and America-hating anarchists who have been protesting Donald Trump’s appearances would like you to believe that Trump is a racist, despite any evidence of such. The truth of the matter is, though, that the only people wearing white sheets like racist murderers of the last century are the protesters themselves.That’s what happened yesterday in Tucson, where a particularly stupid racist actually wore a Ku Klux Klan-style hood to protest Trump’s rally. As police…


Scott Baio Endorses Trump

Normally I wouldn’t post a celebrity endorsement of Donald Trump, because I suspect *lots* of celebrities really want to see him succeed (except all the hard-core liberal ones). But I met Scott Baio once, in… I think it was Christmas of 2006. I was a guest at his agent’s home for a Christmas party and a lot of celebrities showed up. Martin Landau, Michael Rooker, and one Scott Baio. What struck me immediately was Baio’s…


Watch Trump And Co. Rock Tuscon

Sheriff Joe Arpaio came to the stage and the crowd went wild. “I didn’t think I was liked in Tuscon,” he laughed. He was at the Tuscon Convention Center, in Tucson, Arizona with Donald Trump and 5000 faithful supporters (plus the usual handful of protesters). Trump turned immediately to the border issue, saying as he often does, “We are going to build that way, and Mexico is going to pay for that wall.” He estimated the…


Anti-American Instigators Block Freeway to Protest Trump in Phoenix

Donald Trump is doing something not seen since the Obama administration began: he’s drawing out the crazy America-hating leftists who are opposed to seeing America in her glory. Even now, people opposed to Trump and the growing number of Americans who want to see him speak, are blocking the roads to his rally in Phoenix, in the hopes of blocking democracy forcefully. With no regard to safety, the law, the rights of people to gather…


Ay Carumba! Phoenix Is Ground Central For Illegal Immigrant Protesters This Morning – WATCH!

Video of the event is at bottom of story, and live feed will start at 10:00 PST. The rally will begin about 11:00 PST. Donald Trump is headed to Phoenix, Arizona this morning to hold a rally there, but he won’t be alone. The George Soros-sponsored, Barack Obama-encouraged, Bernie Sanders-supporting anarchists, illegal immigration activists, and anti-American rabble-rousers that the left relies on to squelch open dialogue on issues they want to dominate are heading there…