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Piers Morgan: Why AREN’T We Listening to Trump?

Piers Morgan — a notorious anti-gun-rights reporter from the UK — interviewed Donald Trump today, and was left shell-shocked by how much sense Trump made, especially in light of the newest Islamic Jihadist attacks. Why aren’t we listening to him, he wondered. This guy makes a lot of sense.  “I spoke to Trump for 40 minutes. He was, as you’d expect, bombastic, defiant and self-congratulatory. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s ripped up every political rulebook…



Watch the election results tonight LIVE right here. Follow below for live updates as they become available, with live video at the bottom of the page. Donald Trump is expected to win Arizona, and Ted Cruz is hoping to win a majority in Utah. It looks to be a real barn burner, stay tuned! 11:05 PST – Newest vote update show Trump/Kasich only a dozen votes apart, but still not denting Cruz’s results yet. He’ll…


Battleground: Southwest

The American Southwest is rife with stories of famous duelists and gunslingers shooting it out in blazes of glory. Today, Utah and Arizona are experiencing another tense showdown as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz vie for control of two more states in the Republican primary election cycle. Arizona, the bigger prize, is a winner-take-all state with 58 delegates up for grabs. Utah is a staunchly Mormon state, and if any candidate can break 50% of…


Trump and Cruz Look to Split/Spoil Tomorrow

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have two dates in the west tomorrow. The first is in Arizona, where Trump has a big lead in the polls. The second is in Utah, which has a heavy Mormon population, Trump-hating Mitt Romney, and a slew of Glen Beck fans. In Arizona, Trump has double-digit leads in all the polls, despite big protests this weekend that occurred while he was campaigning there. Trump first talked about building The Wall…


Donald Trump’s Mind-Blowing Idea: Put America First

Stephen Moore writes a brilliant op-ed in Investor’s Business Daily today, stating that Donald Trump is remaking the Republican party in a way no one has since Ronald Reagan turned it into a conservative party. This time, though, according to Moore, “Trump is remaking the GOP into a populist/reform party of working class/evangelical and entrepreneurial class voters. He is completing what Ross Perot tried to build in 1992 with his Reform Party.” Moore says the…