Trump Update: What Happened 3/27/2016


Who are the idiots who are really supporting Donald Trump’s rise? Liberals and the Media


GOP Elites have only one option left if Trump wins the Nomination: Leave the GOP


Trump’s Foreign Policy: America First, All Others Pay Cash


In Defense of Donald Trump’s Heidi Cruz Tweet


Nate Silver: Trump Will Have Trouble Turning Blue States Red


Trump Denies Involvement in Cruz Sex Scandal Story


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    QUOTE ….”Trump’s base of support comes from older, less affluent, less educated, white male voters who hail from suburban and rural areas. He does LESS well with women, educated voters, younger voters, nonwhite voters, affluent voters and voters living in urban areas.”

    • Describes me perfectly. I’m a white male. I’m older than a teenager (thank God). I only have two associates degrees. I don’t make over $100,000 a year. I live where most americans live (not in da hood). Sounds like all my friends too. So, if 70% of people like me support #DonaldTrump, exactly what is less well? 65%? 50%? 40%? The statement doesn’t offend me in the least and I would say Trump has enough support to win.

      • Saw Rove on Fox this a.m. (for a few seconds) and he was smiling – first time in a long time — wonder what they have up their sleeve now ?????????

    • Ps… I didn’t get this old and debt free by being stupid either. I would say the wealthy college kids still have something to prove.

    • I try to avoid calling people who don’t support Trump names because that is exactly what they do to us and I won’t sink to their level.

  2. I gotta tell ya David, when I went to the first link, I was loaded for bear. Some liberal SOB was going to get a piece of my mind. That is until I read the article. I agree with the author 100%.

  3. Let’s review Donald J. Trump’s Presidential qualifications… The Obama is against Trump… ✔ The Media is against Trump… ✔ The establishment Democrats are against Trump… ✔ The establishment Republicans are against Trump… ✔ The Pope is against Trump… ✔ The UN is against Trump… ✔ The EU is against Trump… ✔ China is against Trump… ✔ Mexico is against Trump… ✔ Soros is against Trump… ✔ BlackLivesMatter is against Trump… ✔ MoveOn.Org is against Trump… ✔ Koch Bros are against Trump… ✔ Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump… ✔ Glen Beck threatened to kill Trump Other death threats arriving regularly Bonus points – Best qualifications ever! Cher says she will leave the country… Miley (satanic) Cyrus says she will leave the country… Whoopi says she will leave the country… Rosi says she will leave the country… Sharpton says he will leave the country… My Vote Is For Trump… Check List Is Perfect!… – MY VOTE GOES TO TRUMP OR I LEAVE THE GOP !!!!!!!!!!:


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