Cheeseheads Torn Between Trump and Cruz


Wisconsin, the land of cheese that doesn’t come from the happy cows of California, is next in line to vote for their Republican candidate of choice. Based on new polling data that came out yesterday, they are torn between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Emerson College’s new poll shows Cruz with 36% and Trump just one point down at 35%. John Kasich has just 19%.

According to the poll’s press release, Cruz and Trump are split evenly with four of eight districts preferring them each.  Trump is strong in the western part of the state, and Cruz does well in the east.

The poll also says it appears that Kasich is pulling votes from Cruz as Kasich supporters find Cruz more favorable than Trump, 36% to 27%. Although Trump is roughly even in his favorable/ unfavorable numbers with likely GOP male voters (50/47), he is 10 points under water with GOP women (40/50) and net -28 (33/61) with Independents, who comprise one-third of the Wisconsin electorate. In contrast, Cruz has a +32 favorability with Republican men (64/32), +26 with women (58/32), and +4 (48/44) with Independents.

Other notes from the poll revolve around the selection of Judge Merrick Garland to fill Anontin Scalia’s Supreme Court seat. “In a week when President Obama named Judge Merrick Garland to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Antonin Scalia, 9 out of 10 Democratic voters (91%) believe the U.S. Senate should confirm the President’s nominee. This compares to 64% of GOP voters who oppose confirmation. Sentiment follows partisan lines, with Democrats’ favorable/unfavorable numbers tilting heavily toward Garland, 75/5 with 14% undecided, while Republicans lean the other way, 28/39/28.”

The poll also states that almost one-third of Democrats (32%) said health care was the most important issue in the election, 16% cited dissatisfaction with government, and 25% chose “other.” Among GOP voters, 36% listed dissatisfaction with government as their biggest concern followed by health care (22%) and fears about ISIS (12%). The terrorist attack in Brussels occurred on the last day of the poll, so it may not have fully factored into these results.


Better news in the east and the west for Trump, though. New poll out of Pennsylvania puts him in the lead in Pennsylvania, followed closely by Kasich, with Cruz trailing by double digits. And in California, Trump has opened a big 11-point lead, ahead of Cruz 38 to 27. Pennsylvania only offers 17 delegates, but California has a humongous 172, so even if Cruz does manage to win in Wisconsin, Trump should still be okay. For him, it will be that much easier to hit his 1237 required delegates with them than without them.


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  1. Cruz says it’s all lies??? well, it certainly wasn’t Trump that left Heidi curled up on the freeway on an off ramp in the middle of the night half undressed – crying her eyes out … and he should have had the police record ‘squashed’ a long time ago … Cruz should be hog-tied and drug the full length of the freeway ……………
    Just remember , if he treats his wife this way HOW WILL HE TREAT THE COUNTRY?????? FORGET ABOUT THE CHRISTIANITY – HE IS NOT !! HE HAS NO HONOR……………………………………..

  2. Wisconsin vote Trump. Cruz is a slimeball! I despise him. Mark my word if Cruz would be President you will regret it because he is a bought paid politician and he will change his tune-!!! America is so far gone it is pathetic!! DIDN’T THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LEARN ANYTHING FROM THE DISASTER OF THE PRESIDENT THAT IS IN OFFICE NOW!!! HE IS TOO BUSY DANCING THE TANGO IN CUBA! More welfare coming to America. Who is going to pay…..Oh yeah the hard working tax payers that cant get ahead will pay. No wonder people are moving out of America.

  3. This Californian is. I changed my party just to vote for him because Cali is a closed primary. I’m going back to I when this is over. I can’t stand the GOP anymore.

    • Cristi Loken : We NEED you to VOTE for TRUMP in California before you take your sabbatical from GOP PLEASE 🙂 I, too, am an Independent AND had to register as a Rep in order to vote for Trump in the Primary…after NOV 2016 elections- I am dropping my REP. registration like a hot potato !!

  4. I just don’t see how a true Republican can think acout Cruz, knowing who is backing him.. Not only the worst of the RINOS, we have these characters:
    Cruz’s BEHOLDEN donors include:
    * Goldman Sachs
    * The Koch Brothers
    * Baker Botts Law Firm
    * Club for Growth
    * The Hunt Group
    * Moncrief Oil
    * The Wilkes Brothers
    * Woodforest Financial Group
    * Credit Suisse Group
    * Wapti Energy Lawyers, Financial Sector and Energy Sector…and the list goes on……

    • Exactly Tony !! Cruz should NEVER become President….he’s as untruthful as MOST of the rest of the elected politicians!
      “Lyin’ Ted “fits him perfectly!!
      WI should vote for an American Patriot that LOVES this country: Vote for TRUMP !! 🙂


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