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Trump Update: What Happened 3/27/2016

Who are the idiots who are really supporting Donald Trump’s rise? Liberals and the Media GOP Elites have only one option left if Trump wins the Nomination: Leave the GOP Trump’s Foreign Policy: America First, All Others Pay Cash In Defense of Donald Trump’s Heidi Cruz Tweet Nate Silver: Trump Will Have Trouble Turning Blue States Red Trump Denies Involvement in Cruz Sex Scandal Story…


Nate Silver Fesses Up: “How I Missed Trump’s Rising.”

No one who has been known for being so right in politics has been so wrong about Donald Trump than Nate Silver of Silver’s mathematical analysis of polling data has been incredibly accurate ever since he brought his statistical skills from sports to politics several years ago. But Silver denounced Trump as soon as his announced his candidacy, and tried to maintain his steadfast belief that Trump was a flash in the pan even…


Cheeseheads Torn Between Trump and Cruz

Wisconsin, the land of cheese that doesn’t come from the happy cows of California, is next in line to vote for their Republican candidate of choice. Based on new polling data that came out yesterday, they are torn between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Emerson College’s new poll shows Cruz with 36% and Trump just one point down at 35%. John Kasich has just 19%. According to the poll’s press release, Cruz and Trump are…


Onward to Wisconsin!

March came in like a lion with 27 states having primary elections and caucuses, but leaves like a lamb, with no more contests in the next two weeks. April, by comparison will be very mild, with just a few states voting. On April 5, Wisconsin votes, putting its 42 delegates up in a winner-take-all vote. Then New York state votes, and its massive 95 go in a winner-take-most format on April 19th. Finally, on April…


In Utah, Cruz Wins With Apparent Voter Fraud Issues

Amid allegations of massive voter fraud for hand-counted ballots and widespread computer glitches for electronic voting, Ted Cruz wrangled himself another important win Tuesday night, taking Utah by a wider margin than any candidate has won any other state thus far. Meanwhile, to the south, huge voter turnout led to Donald Trump’s 19th state win. With his victory, Trump gets even closer to the 1237 delegates he needs to clinch the Republican presidential nomination, while…