Is Donald Trump a Member of the Illuminati?


No. Donald Trump is not a member of the Illuminati. But if he were, he sure wouldn’t let any of us know. Nevertheless, there is a crazed fringe element out there who think this — and even weirder things — about Trump and his candidacy. Ready for a laugh? Here we go.

With Trump’s road to victory on track, there have been people who want to stop him from reaching the White House. Some of Trump’s biggest critics are not from the political realm but live in the land of the conspiracy theorists. Since announcing his bid for presidency, many conspiracy theorists have been writing blogs and major articles denouncing Trump and his beliefs. Many of these conspiracy theorists believe that Trump is being used by the elite to spread discord. Or they want to question his Christian beliefs and family history. Many conspiracy theorists went as far as to believe that Trump is a Satanist. One such conspiracy theorist  who denounces Trump is Henry Makow. Makow runs a blog talking about secret societies such as the Illuminati and Freemasons being the root of all evil. In addition, his blog also contains a high level of anti-semetic statements and anti-capitalism statements for the most part. Back in July 2015, Makow wrote an article entitled “Zionists Use Donald Trump to Fix Another Election” in which he denounces Trump as satanic figure using his money to fix the 2016 election in order for….Hillary Clinton to win? Since his original article, Makow keeps ranting about Trump trying to get supporters by using his son-in-law Jewish connections. However, there is strong evidence that suggest that Makow hates Trump because of his close relationships to many different people including Jewish people.

While Makow wants to focus on Trump’s alleged Freemason connections, there are many other conspiracy theorists who want to focus on Trump’s alleged paranormal connections. Youtubers Killa 38 and  pocketsofthefuture allegedy found Illuminati connections between Trump and the paranormal. While Killa38 said that Trump’s presidency was predicted by both the Simpsons and the 1995 Illuminati card in a crude video. Pocketsofthefuture alleges that Trump is using his acting abilities and money just to gain supporters. In addition, Pocketofthefuture also believes that Trump uses “crisis actors” to attend his rallies and create drama at his events. He even went as far as to say that Sarah Palin pimped out her son in order to gain a place within the Republican party. These conspiracy theorists must really must fear Trump and his beliefs. Many have gone as far as to attack everyone who support him.  Meanwhile, Trump and his supporters can have a good laugh at all of the conspiracy theorists who believe he is out to tear down America.


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  5. Carol & Hilding Ellingson

    They say Trump is a Free Mason? WOW! Do they know that George Washington was a Free Mason? What will they come up with next? Whatever it is, it won’t work!!! DONALD TRUMP IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!!!

  6. Tony,
    Evidently , with all this new $3,000,000,00000000 being spent to keep him from winning plus all the rest of the stuff coming out …does he still have a chance to win ???? The OPPOSITION has a lot of “arms” that can reach a lot of places …dishonestly ….and there is no way the average American Citizen can fight that kind of battle … What To Do ????

    • You keep the faith, Support and Vote for Trump. Let the establishment know what is coming if they pull dirty tricks or any other dirty business.

  7. Some villages have lost their idiots, I see. Speaking of that, I heard from a friend of my plumber’s brother-in-law that Rubio is really Vladimir Putin’s nephew and Ted Cruz is actually a clone of Castro!

  8. Speaking of conjecture; there are some who think Bernie is a plant to make Hillary look more centrist.
    Any thoughts on this, anyone?


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