Watch Donald Trump’s AMAZING Town Hall with Anderson Cooper Last Night


Donald Trump sat down with Anderson Cooper at CNN’s Republican Presidential Town Hall in an amazing session where he went into depth about the current row with the Pope, and explained quite frankly that he believed the Mexican government had cajoled Pope Francis into saying the things he did about Trump. They talked about the possible lawsuit against Ted Cruz. Once they moved to the audience portion of the question and answer session, Trump took very difficult, thought-provoking questions from the audience, and answered them wonderfully. People asked him about his plan for Obamacare, regrets he’s had in his life, why he seems so confrontational.

This is a fantastic half hour of Donald Trump being the next President of the United States. Watch it here:


What do you think? Do town halls like this make you more or less eager to vote for Trump?

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  1. Very nice very good Sir Trump, he can explain himself so well, be careful extra careful be safe all of you guys, God Bless America for having Trump. Go go go Trum.

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  3. Donald’s demeanor is much better when doing the town halls. I do wish he would simply answer the person’s questions in a straight forward manner. I know, he gets so wound up on some subjects that he just can’t help himself. I do feel that the question about his temper is a valid one, though.
    This a time like no other in the history of America. It’s really going to get down and dirty before it is over.
    God bless America and Donald Trump!

  4. I love it . Go Trump You win in my book. concerned for him though the establishment hates him
    and they are not above anything to get there way

  5. He has good plans. Praying for him. Praying that all his plans work and he can get them to go through. Praying that he can bring people together instead of dividing them. I think he is great and would make a great president.

  6. After the RINO’s drop out of the race it would help non-political voters if Trump would take specific issues and tell them how his policies will help them personally. Five or six explanations would gain him 15% more of the votes from independents, RINO’s and ALSO DEMOs.

  7. Mr Trump did a great job I just love him in this type of setting where people can really get to know him. What Ted Cruz said regarding Donald sister was so sleazy. For one he lied again saying Donald would choose her for the Supreme court when he never said that. I was happy so see.Anderson Cooper say that Donald never said that, but for Cruz to talk bad about Donald’s sister is below the belt. I know I have family members that believe different from me but it would still hurt me if people talked crap about them. What a Jerk.

  8. I like the town hall format. #DonaldTrump does very well in this setting and actually has a chance to explain his positions.

  9. Trump is a fast learner …I’m sure he is well aware by now what he is up against …The dirtiest crimes in the world are committed in the name of Politics … Looking briefly at the Clintons can verify …– Just think what it must be with ‘covert’ actions going on behind Trumps back…….I ‘m sure Washingtons’ left and right are busy …..THEY HAVE ALREADY TOLD US TRUMP WILL NOT BE PRESIDENT ….. only one way they can know that …………….GO TRTUMP ……………VOTE TRUMP …I just hope somebody has his back ….

  10. Trump was wonderful. My concern is what they will do to Trump at the convention. It all seems so rigged against Americas will. New media is lying scum and politicians are worse.


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