Why Does Donald Trump Keep Asking Cameras to “Pan the Audience?”


If you watch Trump give a speech on TV or online, he always says the mainstream media is dishonest; that they report his audience to be smaller than it actually is. Trump maintains it’s a way to spread dis-information about the campaign, by making it appear the crowds are tiny. According to Conservative Treehouse, “Donald Trump says to the media “pan the crowds“, not because he wants to inflate his own ego or following, but rather because he needs YOU to see the visible representation that YOUR opinions and beliefs are widely held.

Trump is countering the MSM narrative which wants YOU to believe YOUR opinions are in the minority, and THEIR opinions as delivered are the MAJORITY.  This is how the corporate media influence you.”

I found pictures of Trump’s audiences from his web site to compare to what is shown in the videos. Take a look at a few pictures.

Here’s his rally in Dallas. What you saw on the video feed:

What it really looked like:


Crowd at Dallas, Texas


Same thing in Phoenix. What you saw on the video:


The actual audience:


Looks like Donald is the people’s choice!

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  4. What the media does not get is that any and all of donald trump supporters won’t be blinded by their bullshit tactics. The people supporting him are in it for the duration and right to the white house.
    The media can spew it how they want but it won’t change our minds because we are smarter than them!
    TRUMP 2016 !

  5. I just read an article on Brietbart about the debate audience being stacked against him. Turns out to be fact . . . Tickets go to big donors and super pacs . . . No wonder Trump stays pissed off! They try to make him sound stupid! TRUMP is not stupid . . . He doesn’t always say things the polished way but it always turns out he is right. Another thing to remember . . . When George Bush left office he had 20% popularity rating and Chaney was down in that range with him! At least TRUMP stands up for the USA . . . Refreshing to hear! Washington doesn’t . . . If Trump doesn’t get in office it’s because there are RATS in the works and it’s going to be a sad day for America!

  6. Now you gone and done it. The cat’s out of the bag. The best kept secret of the establishment’s media is out there for everyone to see.

    • Carol & Hilding Ellingson

      It’s about time!! A lot of people are not able to picture a crowd of 15,000. Now they can see it. YEA DONALD!!!

  7. The more they lie and try to hurt Donald Trump the more his Voters count on him to help change things! America was never this way before! If this is what liberal America means…I want no part of it! Look what has happened to our beautiful country. True Americans are coming together and setting aside this racist BS because we have much bigger problems such as illegal immigration and unvetted Muslims, jobs, our economy and a corrupt government. I have lost all respect for News networks and Washington DC. It is TIME FOR CHANGE!! VOTE FOR TRUMP!

  8. Thank you for showing that. We believe him when he tells us that the place is packed and there are thousands standing outside.
    Go, Donald.

  9. Don’t matter What every body in the media or the republican said….the people is sick of the politic crapola we all go with Donald Tromp, he is sincere and he is free to said what he want to said. He is the person we need in the WH to be the Lider of this country.


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