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Bloomberg tracked Trump’s poll numbers to his controversial statements. Fascinating!

It is well known to  most that Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump makes statements that can be considered by some to be a bit unpolished, abrasive or off-color.  Many establishment Republicans as well as liberals have verbally insulted and criticized Trump for these statements  Some things that have been reiterated are that Trump is arrogant, a buffoon, and nothing more than a reality star seeking attention.  Somehow hoping this would take away his support and…


The Moment South Carolina’s Been Waiting For: DONALD TRUMP IN GREENVILLE

Fresh off the brutal debate in Greenville, South Carolina (that he totally WON, according to every online poll), Donald Trump is holding a rally in Greenville himself. This time, though, the audience is not going to be bought-and-paid-for lobbyists and special interest guests of the RNC. This is going to be several thousand Trump fans and supporters, and based on Trump’s activities today, he’s going to be on fire. Trump had a town hall this morning in…


Remember that time Trump Saved a Georgia Farm?

For all the insulting remarks made about Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump being arrogant and egotistical, one would wonder how this tidbit of information is just now coming to light.  It’s because the liberal and biased media is not going to report anything that sheds positive light on Mr. Trump. In 1986 the United States was having the worst farm crisis since the Depression. Leonard Dozier-Hill owned a third generation farm.  The morning of the…


Fox Analyst Reveals the Truth: It’s the GOP Who’s the Enemy, Not Trump

Eric Bolling, a Fox news contributor is one of the more sane people working at the network these days who does not favor the GOP establishment.  He has revealed a SuperPac with the sole intent of taking down Donald Trump with negative advertising.  This is par for the course in politics and would be of no surprise except for one thing.  The PAC is run by Katie Packer who is supposedly a Republican and was…