WATCH Donald Trump’s Amazing Concession Speech


Donald Trump gave a brief speech in front of his supporters in Iowa last night after the caucus was called in Ted Cruz’ favor, where he was gracious in defeat, humble, grateful for his fans and supporters, and fired up to take on all comers in New Hampshire next week. You could hear the passion in his voice: this mattered to him, and if we know anything about Trump, it’s that he fights for things that matter to him. After hearing this speech, Trump supporters have to be waiting with bated breath to see what goes down on February 9, when the next election in the Primary cycle begins.

Watch Trump’s speech here. Let us know in the comments what you thought about it.

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  1. Keep going forward, Mr. Trump! My husband and I saw your name 3-4 years ago written across the White House in huge letters: TRUMP. It was a July 4 celebration, and people were sitting on the White House lawn and on either side of an open pavilion where the speakers and performers came on stage. When the TV camera closed in on the White House, we both saw your name in huge letters written across the front of the White House. We wondered at that time what it meant. Then, when you announced your candidacy, we knew it meant that we were to pray for you and your family. I recall thinking at the time, “Are you sure, Lord? And these are the words that I heard in my spirit: “He has a heart for America…..and he will be refined in the process.” We will be with you all the way to the polls!

  2. Very classy man is Donald Trump. He has a father’s heart and love for our country.
    I agree. Iowa may not be all that important in the long term scheme of things.
    Hear the wheels of the Trump Train going forward!

  3. You are a great man Sir Trump, if the people don’t appreciate what you are doing to make America great again, well God bless their hearts and that you are doing this out of love for this great nation, its their loss not yours. The mere fact that you are funding your own campaign and all the hard work that you are doing will be appreciated in due time. Keep it up Sir, you are a great American, we are so proud of you and we love you. God bless protect and guide you and your family Sir. Hooray for Donald Trump. Go go go go TRUMP!!!!

  4. Kathleen Callahan

    Donald J Trump has done more for this country as a candidate than most career Politicians in their lifetimes. It is a total shame more people do not pay attention to Politics for it is the demise of this World we live in. Awesome job you are doing Mr. Trump we thank you for your concerns, your strengths, your truths – President Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and George H W Bush became Presidents and lost in the Iowa Caucuses. NO big deal at all. Keep that smile and that love for America WE NEED YOU! God Bless! We truly have only just begun the path to Make America Great Again and YOU started it!! The HOPE feels good – it feels normal like it should and use to. The trust that someone can do this job correctly for the people is so darn refreshing I personally thought we lost that one forever!! TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!

  5. In order to win, we have to step up the ground game. You cannot tweet your way to the White House. I was disappointed in the results in Iowa, however it was the biggest mess I have ever seen. Dirty tricks, Elmer Gantry quoting bible verses, and no organization. But we did not have an organization as well.

  6. Fantastic, that is the kind of attitude that will help Mr. Trump win the nomination. He has accomplished so much in life that he doesn’t need to put anyone down to shine, when he shares what he will accomplish when he becomes the President will speak very loud. Our prayers are for you and your beautiful family hoping that you will be our next President.


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