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Why the National Review Attack Failed

It’s simple-attacks are wrought from jealousy, envy, and anger.  God does not reward these types of things.  The National Review would have spent their time better by devoting 22 articles to why Hillary Clinton should not be President instead of Donald Trump.  The writers were complicit in the failed “No child left behind”, Bush wars and Medicare Part D.  All failures.  Hypocritical much? Unlike Andrea Tantaros, whom I respect, I don’t respect the National…


Governor Palin Admires Trumps Courage to Skip Out on Debate

Former Gov. Sarah Palin put out a post on Facebook stating how much courage it took for Trump to skip the most recent debate.  Palin herself is well known for her anti-establishment stance so it is no surprise that she admires the same quality in Trump.  Palin is also known for her strong support of our veterans and Trumps Veterans rally really got her fired up. Palin also highlights another major issue.  Trump shines…


Donald Trump Smashing Records with Lead in Michigan Against Cruz 51-15

Trump is smashing political records with a new poll from Mitchell Research, an independent polling firm.  Trump is leading Cruz a whopping 51-15.  An article written in December by blogger “Sundance” from Conservative Treehouse shows why.  Trump had a rally with an unprecedented crowd.  When Trump says the media never shows the crowd, this is a glaring example.  For one, I didn’t even know he had a Michigan rally in December.  And secondly, the crowd…


Marvel CEO donates $1 million to Trump…Nerds get Pissed

Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel Entertainment, is the perfect American.  He is a self-made billionaire who saves paperclips from wastebasketss. He’s a big time guy who’d rather be playing tennis. He’s a generous philanthropist who has a permit to conceal carry a handgun. A little history on Perlmutter- he was born in the British Mandate of Palestine in 1942. He served in the Israeli Army during the Six-Day War. When he came to the…