Donald Trump leads by 41%


Donald Trump has hit a new high in the race for the Republican nomination. More than 4-1n-10 Republican voters want to back the Doland. Many Republicans says hes the best candidate that captures their party’s values. Trum has topped the over 40 mark for the first time. He has double the support of his nearest competitor, Ted Cruz. Plus he has left Ben Carson in the dust with his numbers. Trump’s lead shows that he is winning the support of voters from all backgrounds. He is leading with many different groups of voters including older Americans, first-time voters, women, young men, and conversations. Meanwhile, he is gaining support from college students and young professionals who are sick of being unrepresented in congress. In addition, Trump is slowly gaining an following from Tea party members due to his stand against illegal immigration and terrorism.Tea-party members were at first very weary of Trump and his lack of political training. However, Trump show them what kind of president he could be and how he has American interests at heart.

Trump’s dominance is growing because Republican and Independent voters are looking for someone who holds their values without giving them lip service. In addition, Donald Trump showcased  his conservative nature and no-nonsense attitude to many Republican voters who grew weary of the Republican establishment. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is not that far behind Trump in polls but voters are starting to run cold towards him. Trump’s lead is showing that Republican voters are interested in someone who can take America into the 21st century glory. Meanwhile, Trump is causing more Independent voters to lead towards the Republican party because his stances against many different things. Everyone is waiting for Trump to win Iowa and get on that presidential ballot. However, Ted Cruz is trying to give Trump a run in the polls but it does not like his effort will make much of difference.

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  1. #DonaldTrump – 41%

    Ted Cruz – 19%

    Also Rans – who cares.

    I do find it odd that some people think that Trump hasn’t been the choice of the Tea Party until lately. First, nobody speaks for the Tea Party and second, those who like to think of themselves as Tea Party leaders have proven themselves to be on the wrong side of this issue. Once Trump officially announced, the grassroots Tea Party support was almost instantaneous.

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  3. SPELLCHECK! It really is a thing. Please use it. You’re making Trump’s supporters look uneducated, and we are NOT. Some of us have degrees and are VERY educated, so don’t make us look bad. Thank you. #TRUMP2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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