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Donald Trump has released a new ad and it is powerful.  I have not seen one better from anyone for a long time.  To be honest, I was truly moved by this.  It is comprised of clips from a Trump rally, excerpts from the introduction that Jerry Falwell Jr. gave Trump at the Liberty University rally and his daughter Ivanka, who explains to people how to find their Iowa caucus.

As the days go by, I continually hear about the generosity of Trump.  The stories that no one hears because he doesn’t want it to be known.  Humbleness is part of God’s plan for those who are generous and Trump knows that plan. Generosity is not defined just by the giving of money.  It is also defined by the giving of our time for a worthy cause that we have no stake in.  Donald Trump does not need to run for President.  And despite criticisms from naysayers, Trump is not doing this to boost his ego.  He wants to use the gifts God gave him to make a difference.

You can assess a person by their actions and results, not their words.  Trump is a very successful businessman. He has raised a successful family. His children are kind to others and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Kids live what they learn and the Trump children were taught well by parents who gave a damn.  He has been married for 11 years to Melania. Trump needed the support of his family in order to pursue his candidacy.  It is obvious from his speeches and rallies that he is inspired and energized for this.

I can’t help but be moved and hopeful for the future of our country with an impending Trump Presidency.  The last several years have been brutal for many of us.  Without hope, there is despair.  Thank you and God bless you Mr. Trump and your family for your generosity of your time, your energy and your spirit.  The world will be a better place because of it.

Donald J Trump – “A Message For Iowa”…


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  1. Well said … You are right about the people wondering how much more they can get ( what they call free) but someone has to pay for it..and the Demorcates promise them the farm if they will just vote for them.. If they didn’t let the voters with their hand out vote it would be a different world..

  2. Indeed, a very powerful ad. It is so important that working people get out and vote in what is the most important election in our lifetime. Close to half the people in our once great Nation are wondering how much more they can get for free; what they can get without having to work for it. The political establishment on both sides of the political aisle are no better. They get to vote for their own raises and benefits. There is only one man that stands between the working people and total disaster. That man is #DonaldTrump.

    • Carol & Hilding Ellingson

      You said it well!! We need Donald J. Trump for president. He’s for all the people except of course the greedy politicians!! GO FOR IT DONALD TRUMP!!!


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