Trump winning in single most accurate poll 10 -1



Over the years there have been a lot of ways people have used to prognosticate the future. From things like the pattern tea leaves make in the bottom of a cup all the way to what the gamblers are betting on. But there has been one tried and true poll that tells the tale every time- who is selling the most merchandise.

And according to Don Kriener, a vendor in Iowa, ““I’ve worked Hillary, Bernie, Cruz and Rubio — Trump outsells them 10 to 1”  David Dixon, a vellow vendor, agrees that on a pure scale, Donald Trump is moving more merchandise than anyone else.

“We love Huckabee,” Mr. Dixon said, recalling the 2008 Republican winner and a third-tier candidate now, “but it costs me a couple hundred bucks every time I do one of his rallies.”

These vendors, who included two out-of-work truck drivers and an unemployed cook, could easily have taken the place of a television commentator, since they follow the races just as closely.

“If Trump takes Iowa, he’ll probably take New Hampshire and go all the way,” Mr. Kriener, the unemployed cook, told me, presaging Monday’s cable TV punditry. “Hillary Clinton may win some delegates here but she will probably be indicted because of the email dump from yesterday. Joe Biden will step in at the last minute.”

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  1. Carol & Hilding Ellingson

    We always look at Tony’s Take because usually it tells it like we see it. Yes, we have two yard signs, bumper stickers and we have given bumper stickers to our oldest son to put on his business van. I am making a red, white and blue pancho to wear and plan to get a couple t-shirts to wear. We also have a flag on a tall flagpole (highest in this area), and “IN GOD WE TRUST” stickers. We are behind TRUMP ALL THE WAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!

    • I love knowing that you and the others share the sale love of country and for Donald Trump that I do. I LOVE IT! There is nothing better than knowing there are people who share my enthusiasm and patriotism. Love your comments too! On my work truck, one side of the rear bumper has , “STOP ELECTING IDIOTS” on it and the other side says, “VOTE TRUMP.”

      Speaking of #DonaldTrump, he has two events this morning in Iowa, so I will be glued to my computer and the TV all day… with a little break to take the girlfriend to her Dr’s appointment and shopping. How could she do this to me??? I will have to try and keep-up via my I-phone. What a pain!! I would trade her in on a newer model but I’m getting to old to train a new one.
      (Kidding).) Hope she doesn’t see this. HA!

  2. Happy he is in the lead. I pray he will clean up Washington. Our government has become as corrupt as a third world country. My prayer, he will get rid of the ones selling their votes or in bed with lobbiest. We need to clean out Washington and set term,limits on Congress. They have stayed to long. Many have gotten filthy rich off the backs of those they swore to,protect. I hope he will investigate and charge those who are guilty.

  3. Readers, what Trump gear have you purchased?
    I have two hats (I couldn’t pass-up the camo hat), a big old yard sign, bumper stickers and a couple of shirts. Looking to get more stuff too! One shirt isn’t “official Trump gear” but I couldn’t pass it up. It’s a first class black T Shirt with bold white letters that says,
    ” MR. TRUMP. BUILD THAT WALL” How great is that?


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