WATCH: Trump’s Last Speech in Iowa


Donald Trump has powered into a late lead against Ted Cruz in the final moments of campaigning before the Iowa Caucus begins on February 1. Tonight he was in Sioux City, Iowa, where he held a question-and-answer session with the audience in a more intimate, quiet setting, already appearing more Presidential and distinguished than he has in previous outings. You can see victory in his eyes, you can hear triumph in his voice. Trump is a closer, and he knows he has this first race in the bag.

This is your last chance to watch Trump at the top of his game before voting starts tomorrow. Once Iowa goes into the books, the race is on to see how New Hampshire and the rest of the early voting states react to how the candidates fared here. Trump leads in all of them: this is hisĀ chance to set up a knock-out blow to the rest of the GOP establishment. You’ve got to watch this to see just how confident he is. This is Trump’s greatest moment… SO FAR.


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  1. I loved this format with Mr. Falwell Jr. asking Trump policy questions and Trump sitting down and answering. I really liked the stories Falwell told of Trump’s generosity which otherwise others would not know. Some I am just learning. I truly believe this is our next President.

  2. Thank you David, this site has been an inspiration for the last many months for those of us who supported Trump from the beginning! Almost ALL of the media, the establishment, the big money has been so constantly bashing DJT that sometimes it feels like an uphill battle!

    Most of us have become warriors though! WE BELIEVE! I think we don’t know if The Donald can succeed but we do know that what we’ve have and had, hasn’t and doesn’t work!

    From the beginning of the Debates etc. it has been the most interesting “vetting” process. Candidates I thought might be acceptable if DJT didn’t win I now find to be unacceptable in any way. They have pretty much eliminated themselves! Some I hope will be in Trump’s Administration.

    George Pataki – Out To Lunch
    Jim Gilmore – who is he and why is he there?
    Scott Walker – he left before anyone could figure him out
    John Kasich – much too liberal
    Rick Perry – Had his chance last time and blew it! (I wanted him 4 yrs ago)
    Rick Santorum – Ok but irrelevant and can’t get traction
    Huckabee – Nice man – good points – not presidential
    Carly Fiorina – I understand she had tough decisions to make but she came out a lot better than most
    Chris Christie – Too much baggage and too liberal on some things
    Jeb Bush – clueless – doesn’t even know what this election is about
    Rand Paul – good man but wrong temperament
    Ben Carson – gotta love the guy but not strong enough by far

    and the last couple of days has been just bizarre:

    Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz – both belonged in the Senate doing their job! Both sent out the MOST offensive and insulting mailers to Voters to intimidate them – apparently neither have been affected by Obama and his heavy handed tactics or they would understand how egregious what they did was instead of justifying it! AND the last videos of them both show them taking Christianity to the EXTREME! Really inappropriate, at least to me!

    Thank you letting vent – and if I can ever be of help please let me know!

    • Good assessment by Sunserger. Trump has come through an incredibly tough battle and shown he is Presidential. I haven’t written an article lately because it seems all the other sites are covering the subject well. Anyway, I hope the election isn’t cancelled by martial law or something.

    • Sunserger, you are in my head! Great minds think alike.
      Walker and Santorum both turned out to be big disappointments for me. They hitched their chances to the establishment bandwagon and they received no financial backing or support to speak of. All the establishment money went to Bush and Rubio.

      I heard #DonaldTrump speak for the first time in las Vegas a few years back when he dropped the famous “F” bomb. I liked him back then and I thought to myself that if he ran, I would support him. It was a long wait but well worth it!
      I hope you can watch his events today! I know I will be glued to my computer, TV and IPhone.

      • Thank you Tony – also TY for ALL the links you’ve been posting for months now! I use them all the time and you seem to know what’s happening where very quickly!


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