Was Donald Trump For it Before He Was Against It? Where is Trump in an Age of Flip-flopping Politicians?


An article written by Michael Brown over at Townhall has questions about Donald Trump’s authenticity.  Some comments Trump has made in just the last few years certainly raises questions and eyebrows.

In 2012 he told Greta van Sustern on Fox news that he thinks Hillary Clinton is a terrific woman.  He’s known her and Bill for years and likes them both. He cited they all live in New York and he may be a bit biased based on that.  He went on to say Clinton works hard, does a good job and even believes did her best regarding Benghazi.

On December 13, 2015 Trump stated that Cruz does not have the right temperament or judgement to be President. Two days later when Dana Bash from CNN asked him about that statement, Trump walked back his comments saying he has gotten to know Cruz a bit better in the last four or five days and he thinks his temperament is fine.

On Clinton, 3 years is a lifetime in politics.  While Trump knew about the Benghazi incident at the time he praised Hillary, I doubt he knew all the facts that arose later.  The e-mail scandal had not broke either and as far as we know, he’s not offered her anymore praise since 2012.  Also, at the time  he praised Clinton, he has said many times he donated to everyone’s campaign to get what he needed to get his buildings up.  Perhaps this was one of those times.

On Cruz, perhaps a Trump advisor told him to be careful about bashing Cruz since he has been so close to him in the Iowa polls.  And so Trump decided to quickly renounce what he had said.

Most people have some good in them despite some of their actions that are not good.  We all make mistakes. But the Clintons for years have been involved in many scandals and not been prosecuted for any. Bill Clinton has had numerous accusations of sexual harassment flung at him.  For Trumps part I am sure he knew about their past but simply did not care at the time as he was only a businessman who became successful in part due to getting along with everyone. He has publicly stated that also.  Many people may still fault him for his praise of Clinton but since she was the Senator representing New York at one time, I’m sure that Trump got some strings pulled for things he wanted.

The distinction needs to be made however, that now Trump is running a Presidential campaign and not a business so that changes the rules. Not only that, Hillary Clinton is not the Senator representing New York anymore so she is of no use to Trump in his business.

What do you all think?



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  1. It doesn’t bother me if Trump was a democrat before. I also voted for Obama (sorry folks for the mistake), but goes to show, a person can change views. Not only that, but many, many others in congress have changed political parties to run for office. Wherever there is an opening, they tend to switch. No wonder we have so many RINO’s…LOL!!! Just saying, he’s not the 1st & won’t be the last.
    And as far as him supporting some of them, I would bet you a million dollars that he’s not alone in doing that either! Most of those business people donate to both political parties to get what they want/need. If it worked for us, we would do the same.

  2. I just wonder why these people like Brown always think it is okay for them to point this trash out, but, God help us if we post any flip floppings on Cruz, Rubio and the likes of them!!!! I am 74 years old and I couldn’t BEGIN to tell you how many times people have educated me to the point where I discovered my original belief was IN ERROR!!!! We learn by our mistakes and Trump has done exactly that!!! TALK ABOUT THE ISSUES, BROWN…..AND LEAVE THE GOSSIP TO THE TABLOIDS!!!

  3. I question Michael Brown. Never having heard of him before as a writer that is, Exactly what are his credentials? Is he a DHS thug? The thug in a hoodie? Or is this just a wannaB political talk show host and homophobe who has publicly endorsed CRUZ.?

    Assuming the latter, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Mike Brown sure has a pile of rocks and he has been tossing them at Donald Trump for some time now. He has questioned Donald’s faith. He has stated that no evangelical should ever vote for Trump. He claims Trump had pride and that pride is the root of all evil. Brown supporters and probably Brown too believe that Trump is on the Clinton payroll. That is a sure sign of insanity. Did I mention he is in the tank for Ted Cruz?

    YO Mike! Get together with Glen Beck. Birds of a feather should flock together. You attempt to divide the GOP base while honestly, you would wouldn’t be happy if Moses was running for President. Grow a spine and realize that Trump is a man ans a man who has the courage to speak and change his mind. Real men scare the crap out of people like Brown.

  4. Not sure if its true but someone here might verify – I read that NYC released Donald Trump’s voting record and he has voted Republican since 1987-88. I know I’ve heard him many times over the last 7 years on Fox News and he’s said the same things as he is saying now!

    • I was going to write almost exactly the same thing but you said it perfectly. All people have to do is a little research.

  5. IN 2012 ? ON TV? I take all that as :not the time nor the place to get into dirt about anyone !! I would have done the same thing ….and as for him ‘changing opinions’ and beliefs on how he feels now about things that SMELL ? IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA IF WE ALL STEP UP TO THE PLATE !!!!!!!!


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