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Support for Trump May be Stronger Than it Appears

Everyday new polls show Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump steadily climbing higher, leaving most of his opponents in the single digits.  However, even more surprising is not all voters are willing to admit they are supporting Trump because they are embarrassed.  This means that his actual poll numbers are even higher than what is being reported.  Much of this unreported support for Trump are highly educated voters who seem to like his message but perhaps…


Who Loves Themselves More…Trump or Cruz? The Answer May Surprise You!

If there is one criticism of Donald Trump that even Donald Trump will agree with is that he’s got a massive ego.  In fact, Trump may tell you that it’s the biggest, shiniest, most classy, greatest ego of all time. If you stopped random people on the street who has the biggest ego in politics today, there’s no doubt the unanimous answer would be Trump. However, there is someone in the Republican race that thinks they’re…


Merry Christmas, Donald Trump!

On Christmas Eve, Donald Trump finds himself in a position not a single person on the planet could have predicted one year ago: on the top of the GOP Presidential Candidate field, heading into the Primaries with a commanding lead, and a very real shot at becoming the next President of the United States. This is in spite of tremendous odds stacked against him. Jeb Bush predicted a month ago that by now, Trump would…


Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump is VERY Smart

Bernie Sanders was on CNN’s “New Day” with Chris Cuomo today, and told the host that Donald Trump has gotten where he is in the political race because he is very smart, and knows exactly how to manipulate the US mainstream media. Cuomo had asked Sanders why he thought Trump was doing well, and Sanders pointed out some crushing numbers. The annual Tyndall Report on news coverage showed that ABC World News Tonight had 81…


“Jeb Did the Right Thing, Attacking Me” — Donald Trump

“He’s getting clobbered in the polls,” Donald Trump told Breitbart news in Las Vegas last week. “He’s trying to save his campaign. I think he did the same thing. I would have done the exact same thing.” He’s talking about Jeb Bush, and the constant stream of attacks that Bush made on Trump during the fifth Republican Debate. At several points during the event, Bush went off on Trump, saying things like “Donald, you know,…