Ivanka celebrated Christmas in exotic Belize


Ivanka Trump, the glamourous and beautiful 34 year old daughter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, has vacationed in Belize with her husband for Christmas.Ivanka posted her vacation photos to instagram and sharing many memories with her fans and Trump supporters. While sunbathing in dreamy Cago Espanto, Ivanka posted numerous photos that off shows her baby bump.According to Trump’s instagram, she and her husband wanted time to relax and rest during this holiday season.Amongst the palm trees and hammocks, Trump is looking chic in all of her clothes while soaking in the sun. Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner enjoy romantic dinners by Tiki torches and lanterns on the beach.Trump who is 6 month pregnant is using Belize as a relaxing rendezvous to spend time with her husband. Since the couple is on their third child, this “babymoon” has made them grow closer as a couple.

In addition, it seems like Ivanka has started a new trend amongst celebrities who wants to vacation in exotic locations. Belize has under the radar for a long as a tourist destination because it’s Central American location.However, Trump seems to be  boosting this country’s tourism by showcasing many of Belize’s hot spots. Ivanka has been taking pictures by numerous beaches and cabanas to highlight  Belize becoming a great tropical escape for many well-to-do people. Also, it seems like other celebrities are following Trump’s example and  spending time in Belize over the holidays. Celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon,Helen Mirren, and the royal family have since vacationed in Belize. Belizeans are welcoming Trump’s vacation because it allows for the world to fall in love with the country. In fact, Belize’s tourist will likely double after Ivanka’s vacation because her photos really capture this country’s unique beauty.However, the American public can not wait to see Ivanka back on her father’s campaign trail!

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  1. Trump is the ONLY one for President. He is awesome, successful and has a beautiful family. He is class. He is the only one that can help America and make it great again! Trump 2016

  2. A beautiful woman and a LADY. It is nice to see a woman who is secure in her “own skin”. A wife/mother first and foremost. More women should follow her example. There is nothing wrong with having a career as long as you understand the “priorities of life”. Ivanka does. She and her siblings and all their families will be such a welcome change in the White House. An entire family that shows class and intelligence and understands respect and responsibility. Will be so honored to see Donald Trump ensconced in the White House with all of his family as our FIRST FAMILY. Will be a great day for me and my husband and our Country. God keep Donald Trump and all of his family safe from harm.

  3. Dear Ivanka,

    If you need added security on your next vacation, PICK ME!! I’m not as young as I once was but I’m still a darned good shot. Thanks for sharing & God Bless.

  4. With all the enemies that Mr. Trump has, no one has been able to put him down because he’s the real Leader we need right now. We will vote for him.

    • Love the Trumps….good people, successful people, great children…Donald is the only one that can fix the mess Obama has created!


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