Trump Honors Tradition by Attending Church Mass on Christmas Eve


Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump attended mass in Florida with his wife Melania.  This is a tradition for church goers.  Mr. Trump managed to slip into the services unnoticed by the media and cameras.  I mean really, for these media folks nothing seems off limits.  The UK paper, the Daily Mail, did manage to get some pictures published of Trump inside the church.  Well, at least no one can say he wasn’t there and he just made it up for headlines.

The real story here is not that Trump is super charged on religion.  It shows that underneath all the bravado and confidence of being successful and wealthy, he still humbles himself to a higher power.  God gave Trump his gifts that make him successful.  I read once that when God blesses us with talent and gifts, He expects us to use those to help others.  It doesn’t mean we can’t use those gifts to make our own lives better.  But, we need to make sure we help others too.

Mr. Trump has helped everyday ordinary people in several instances just that we know of.  I am certain there are many others except Trump does not like it to be publicized.  That is another Christian virtue.  Do good deeds without expectation of praise.  Trump helped save a Georgia farm along with some others.  Trump helped a military family financially get back on their feet.  Trump intervened in New York City on his way to a concert when a man was being viciously beaten by a baseball bat.  He likely saved the victim’s life.  He stayed until help arrived.

Being a Christian isn’t necessarily showing up in church with a Bible.  It’s doing the right things not matter where you are, who you are and what you’re doing.  Doing it because you truly know what it means to have a servants heart.  Doing good without any expectations of getting something in return-sometimes not even a thank you.

This brings us to Mr. Trump running for President.  He does not have to do it nor does he need to do it.  He is wealthy, successful and happy running his company.  But he loves this country and can no longer stand by and watch the horrible mess we are in and not do something.  He is smart, energetic, and experienced.  He relates to the average Americans.  He wants to use his talents for a higher good.

When we see how many people are against him running and doing all they can to smear his reputation and minimize his success, we see how many are a “Judas” and willing to betray the very people they are supposed to serve to benefit for their own good.  But Donald Trump has taken all the slings and arrows and stayed strong in the race.  The American people are finally tired of being lied to and betrayed.  I believe he will not only win the Republican nomination but the American Presidency in November of 2016.  That will be the starting point of “American Being Great Again.” God Bless Us All.

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  1. We really would love to have Mr. Trump as President of the USA. We pray every day for God’s will to be done. We love you and your lovely family Mr. Trump!

  2. Yes absolutely, God bless protect and continue guiding President Trump and his family. Keep them safe always as well as WE the good American people. Trump 2016


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